Friday, 26 July 2019

Yoga in the Gospels?

Yoga in the Gospels? is an interesting question and also the title of a new book from A. Nicholas Cowan.

There are many books that describe the practice of Yoga, how to do it guides, one might put it, but there are not very many books that examine the philosophical basis of Yoga ot the spiritual aspects of Yoga.

And books that look at the common ground between the teachings of Christianity and thje spiritual side of yoga are even more scare.

In Yoga in the Gospels? the author discusses parallels between ancient yogic texts and the Christian Gospels.

The book takes the reader through the main aspects of yoga, including yoga through worship, yoga practice through work, what the author describes as "Yoga through non-dualism, the unity of the Individual Spirit and the Infinite Spirit of God."

The author is able to support his central thesis with the use of sacred text from the Yogic tradition and the Christian tradition and it is a well-written and well researched book which will be of great benefit to everyone who wants to better understand Yoga and Christianity.

The book is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

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