Sunday, 21 July 2019

Flames of Obscurity

Flames of Obscurity is a fantasy thriller written by Elliot Spencer. It's set somewhere that is very like modern day Britain, but not quite.

Edward Sherborne has recently been elected as the Prime Minister of Anglony. 

His chief armed forces officer reveals to the new Prime Minister that all is not well in Anglony, that there is a mysterious and secretive sect that goes by the name of The Chancery. And he points out that he, not the Prime Minister, is the person who wields the power.

And, perhaps, worse, there are three traitors within the establishment who are known as the Rose, The Bird and The Dragon.

The Chancery have taken a risky decision, they have arranged the kidnapping of his young daughter as a way to attempt to force him to abide by their agenda. Which calls upon him to murder three people that The Chancery have decreed as traitors.

Prime Minister Sherborne has to come up with a solution. Can he destroy these enemies of the state and thus make sure his daughter is released safe and unharmed?

But then in a shocking turn of events he quickly learns of the true identity of the traitor known as The Rose which makes his question all of his beliefs.

The Prime Minister is desperate to save the life of his daughter. But who can he trust? His wife? His friend, Andrew MacPherson? Jane Banks, his Secretary of State? 

The Prime Minister also wants revenge against those responsible for kidnapping his daughter. But can he pull it off? And if so, how?


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