Saturday, 20 July 2019

Duty and Delusion

In her debut novel Duty and Delusion, author Shawna Lewis explores real-life community issues.It's set in the recent past.

The recession has just begun to be felt and money is becoming short.The treasurer to the village hall is in hospital, urgent repairs are required and there are also some bills that require settling.

The chair of the committee, Belinda, can best be described as long-suffering. She's careful and dutiful but she is also beginning to seethe with resentment toward those in the village who don't recognise all the hard work she does. Who believe that she is of no importance.

She is very determined to make some fairly big changes in her life and she begins to work against her antagonists to bring her enemies down.

Her husband needs to travel away from home to find owrk and her part time job at the library might be under threat due to budget cuts.

She finds  handsome young illegal immigrant living in the loft f the village hall and she takes an interest in him. Maternal, of course, as her own son is about to leave hal land her daughter has sert her heart on being a centre of attention and the school. But not in a way likely to make any normal mother proud of her.

She has a chance meeting with a woman by the name of Marnie. Marnie has lived a life that is full and varied, if not a little tough at times. This meeting brings about changes in their lives as they travel upon different, but similar pathways.

Each finds something to be jealous about the other woman's life, but curiously enough, as Marnie's life begin to improve, the life of Belinda seems to be getting worse, rather than better.

It's a novel that is quirky and moving and is a good first novel from an author who will hopefully have more novels published in the near future.

It's published by Matador at £10.99.

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