Sunday, 28 July 2019

Destination and Destiny

In Destination and Destiny we meet Tom and Clotilde.

Tom has spent the vast majority of his working life working for NGOs in Africa. In fact he was working in Rwanda when the genocide took place.

His partner, Clotilde, decides to embark on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela with a parish group from Melbourne, Australia.

The group was a little dysfunctional but well-meaning although perhaps a little self-indulgent?

The couple had enjoyed a less than conventional relationship, but even though they spent more time apart than together, their relationship held fast and firm. In fact, was that part of the key to their success?

When they were apart they constantly corresponded with each other, sharing all that there was to share.

The book takes a backward look at the lives of these two people, of their friends and family members and the people who they met and worked with, and allows them to use the telescope of memory to look back and learn about an extraordinary couple who really loved each other but also loved other people, too.

It's a very moving romance novel by Rosalyn Taylor.

Published by The Book Guild at £8.99 it will be safe in many suitcases this summer.

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