Saturday, 20 July 2019

Twenty Tiny Tales

Twenty Tiny Tales and a few tails is an amazing collection of 22 short stories that are truthful, witty, humorous and also heart-warming.

You'll be taken on 22 different journeys to places you have dreamt of, places you might have heard of, places you might know well. Or places that you might think you know well, for debut author Elaine J. Bradley's imagination and skill as a writer will make you see the familiar in a completely new light.

You'll visit the museum of childhood, which might produce an effect that you were not anticipating. Pretty much like what happened to poor Sadie. (That story sent a shiver down my spine.)

You'll visit the idyllic flower power era, a time of free love, flowers and pacifism, now epitomised by a flower shop called Flower Power, owned and operated by Clara, a child of the sixties, described by locals as an ageing hippy.

She owned and ran a 1967 VW camper van, for use as a delivery van, painted in suitable colours and images.

But what exactly was happening at the shop? And why was there such an interest in the goings on there?

There are stories of befriendings, of friends in desperate needs of assistance, hauntings that might be more than they seem at first sight (or should that be site? No matter!) Another story, Dicing With Death, that sent a shiver up and down by spine.

It's published by Matador at £9.99 on 28th July and you really need to buy this book for your holiday reading. But it's probably best not to read it last thing at night! Unless,of course, you like to be scared?

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