Sunday, 28 July 2019


In Betrayed, the latest novel from science fiction author Geoffrey Arnold, readers rejoin the Quantum Twins.

This is the third novel in the series that saw he Twins torn away from Vertazia and placed on the planet Earth a full thousand miles apart, bereft of their telepathic link.

Fearing that the twins could return to Vertazia and spread the "Human Violence Virus" the rulers of Vertazia have, with unconscious irony, began using utterly unacceptable degrees of violent behaviour to stop the friends of the Twins from effecting a rescue mission.

In Betrayed we join Qwelby as he enteres the fifth dimension, his mission is to free Tullia from imprisonment.

In his second awakening Qwelby finds love, yet tullia is troubled by bloody knife fights.

He manages to shoot his way out of danger, the Twins are able to reconnect, but before he can do anything, Qwelby is captured by the Professor.

Meanwhile, the situation on Vertazia is becoming fraught, with two key rulers plotting against one another, both have decided to use 16-year-old Xaala. But Xaala has plans of her own and corrupts their plans for her own nefarious ends.

Xaala plans to capture the heart of one of the Twins and to destroy the other. But what for? What is her real aim?

There are journeys on a pirate ship, and the Twins must return to their home world to teach the truths they have learned on the planet Earth, in order to save their own planet.

But hat will happen? Will the Twins be doomed to living on the planet Earth for good? And what of the Professor, of Tullia and Qwelby?

This book is published by Matador at £12.99.

Please note on this occasion if you buy this book at the publisher's online bookshop, there is a discounted price of £10.00 if you use the code "BETRAYED" in the appropriate box.

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