Wednesday, 27 November 2019

That's Christmas: On The Board With Blowers

That's Christmas: On The Board With Blowers: On The Board With Blowers is a wonderful book that should be in the Christmas stockings of any cricketing fans. Written by Peter Baxter,...

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

The healthy approach to building a business… without sleazy sales talk!

A new book that defeats marketing myths and sleazy sales tactics holds the key to success for therapeutic businesses.

I’ve Got Your Back (Rethink Press) by Helen Bullen, who is an award-winning clinic owner and qualified Osteopath, teacher, and experienced business mentor, explores five key principles to help therapists turn their passion into a money-generating business.

Helen said: “I have a passion to help as many therapists as possible continue doing the job they love while making an income they want.

"I learnt early on that many of us, as therapists, receive little or no training when we complete our respective therapy qualifications, and often it can feel you've been left to work it all out for yourself.

"Many therapists have little interest in business, but we all need some knowledge to make it in the therapy world.”

Helen speaks from direct experience of starting her own successful business from scratch, with no experience of sales or marketing and feeling incredibly uncomfortable about some marketing techniques.

She added: “It's tempting to look for a magic template which will attract a steady stream of clients. But some marketing methods can feel as if you are tricking, even forcing, your client into buying from you. Not a nice way to feel. I certainly had to wrestle with my misconceptions on marketing before I started to get results.”

Helen’s answer to this marketing dilemma is her own five step system called Commit to Achieve. These are five clear principles based on self-care, understanding why you want to run your business, releasing any self-limiting beliefs around success, understanding how to make your business work for you and taking effective action.

Helen added: “Quick-fix methods will not guarantee you more clients. In fact, quite the opposite. There is no secret method to make the clients just roll in. Instead, there are methods that work. Methods that will take action from you for the lifetime of your business, both consistently and persistently. These methods are what I have used to create my own successful business and now I want to help other therapists achieve the same.”

It costs £12.99 and will make an ideal Christmas for the therapist in your life.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Friday, 15 November 2019

An Adventure in Education

An Adventure in Education Derek Esp MBE never expected or intended to have a career in education. But he did and he had an adventurous career, too!

Whilst at university he enrolled on an Education course and he discovered that not only did he have passion for learning he also had a love for passing on knowledge by being a teacher.

In 1959 he was appointed to the role of Youth Officer for Central Shropshire, England's largest inland county.

Not only did he have a passion for imparting knowledge, he also found that he had a natural gift for leadership.

After his start in central Shropshire, he worked in three counties as an education officer. Eventually he moved on to other roles where he was responsible for leading a number of educational initiative and was also responsible for helping to develop some new schools.

His last role was that of Director of Education for the county of Lincolnshire.

After taking early retirement  from working in local government he became an educational consultant, taking leading roles in a number of national projects.

He decided to take an active role in local politics, becoming a county council member and he became the chairman of a county educational committee.

In his entertaining and thoughtful book he records how educational was subject to a wide range of reforms between 1960 to 1990.

He was involved in a number of initiatives including County Youth Drama competitions, working with youth workers, the development of many different educational programmes and new schools.

It is an interesting book that should be on the bookshelves of anyone who has an interest in the recent history of education.

It is to be published by Matador on November 28th at £8.99.