Friday, 26 July 2019

The Two Faces of Cancer

The Two Faces of Cancer is a very important self help book written bu Rebecca Brazier.

In it Rebecca chronicles her own experiences with cancer and thye emotional trauma that resulted.

She was first diagnosed with cancer when she was 37 and 30 weeks pregnant with her second daughter.

She wrote this book because she found that cancer was, for her, a lonely and isolating experience and so she was keen to do something to help other people who experiences similar emotions.
She took training as a counsellor and then proceeded to write the book The Two Faces of Cancer which combined her personal experiences with her expert training and professional knowledge. 

The book traces her own journey through all of the stages: Diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

It is a very well researched and exceptionally well written book. It is greatly enhanced by the fact that Rebecca does not write from theory only. She has gone through the trauma of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery so when she writes something it is because it has happened to her and she feels the need to share it with all other cancer patients and their families and friends.

Every oncologist and every nurse in the oncology department should have a copy of this book as should every cancer patient and every family of a person who has cancer.

It's published by Matador at £9.99.

Profits from book sales will be donated to Mummy's Star., a charity dedicated to supporting pregnancy through cancer and beyond.

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