Saturday, 20 July 2019

Waves Aligning

Waves Aligning is a debut novel from African author Adaora O.

Having grown up in Nigeria Adaora O. brings to her readers a compelling and captivating novel that reveals what it is like to be a female growing up in a repressive environment in modern day Africa, which perhaps is not quite as modern as one might suppose.

The protagonist, Chinny, learns as she grows up that life doesn't just give you what you want or what you deserve. Especially if you are living in Eastern Nigeria and you are a female.

Her parents are hard working, yet not by any means describable as wealthy. They must make a choice. Who will they spend their meagre financial resources on educating in school? Chinny or her brother? Her brother who is entirely indifferent about the opportunities that education would provide. Yet Chinny was enthusiastic about education, so the inevitable decision to fund the education of her brother was even harder on Chinny.

But she has the friendship of Ejiofor to help her make it through her life as she meets with betrayal, poor health and tragedies and the looming spectre of a marriage she doesn't welcome and doesn't even want.

It seems that her life is a series of waves, constantly washing away her ambitions and dreams. Yet what might happen should the waves align? Will Chinny attain her dream of being able to sleep for as long as she wants?

This book is compelling, well-written and is a remarkable debut novel from an author I want to see more from.

It's published by Matador at £10.49 and should be in the suitcase of people who want an intelligent read to accompany them on their holidays. 


  1. It's an amazing and intelligent piece....

  2. It's an amazing and a very intelligent piece....

  3. Thank you Martin S, for this honest review. You sure will see more from this author!

  4. Very captivating from start to finish, thoroughly enjoyable debut novel.

  5. Your review posts on books are succinctly outlined and immensely helpful. Thanks Martin.


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