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That's Christmas: A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all...

That's Christmas: A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all...: Everyone at That's Chirstmas would like to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. We would ...

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within is a historical novel set in the recent history of the 1980s Miners' Strike.

For his debut novel former mining engineer Robert MacNeil Wilson gives his readers an exploration of the 1980s miners' strike.

It relates the story of Jim, who is a young colliery manager, an Paul, who is a miner, as together they battle to save their mine.

Half a mile beneath ground they face the miners' age old enemies, flood, roof collapse and fire.

However, the miners' strike drags them into conflicting sides of the conflict that tears asunder ties of friendship and of blood as friend is pitted against friend and family member against family member, rendering their pit village inot a battleground.

The novel also touches on the plight of the women of the pit village as they struggle to come to terms with the new reality that has been thrust upon them, as they struggle to make sense of what is happening and of the new reality that has become their life.

Based upon the experiences of Robert MacNeil Wilson when, as a young mine engineer of 24, he was, on more than one occasion, the only manager in charge when the mine was besieged by massed flying pickets.

The book is a riveting read and explains what happened and what went wrong. And who went wrong.

It costs £8.99, and can be bought here>>>

The Magdeburg Relic

In his novel The Magdeburg Relic, author C. M. Chadwick takes his readers on an exploration of black magic, paganism and folklore in this, his debut novel.

It is an occult novel following in the fine traditions established by one of the founders of this genre, the late Dennis Wheatley.

In fact C. M. Chadwick states: "My book is a serious attempt to write a heavyweight occult novel in order to continue Wheatley's tradition."

It is his hope and desire that the book will be an enjoyable read for those readers who like exploring paganism, black magic and folklore.

The novel is set in the mystical English county of Wiltshire and follows the story of a vicar, who is also an occult investigator, Callum Dood.

He uncovers the conflicting forces of devil worship and paganism.

Togetrher with a group of trusted compatriots, Dood fights with a Satanic cult for possession of the Magdburg Relic, the rediscovered relics of Adolf Hitler.

It is the intention of the cult to use them for occult purposes; It is the intent of Dood and his helpers to thwart them.

The action takes place in a variety of locations, including Nuremberg, the site of Nazi rallies and to a necromantic ceremony, where the soul of Hitler is raised.

The action then moves to a mysterious crypt beneath the former home of occultist Aleister Crowley where the battle nearly ends with the death of Dood and his plucky band of fellow workers.

Later they face, at Carn Brea, in Wiltshire, the opening of a gateway to the underworld through which the Satanic cult hopes to draw legions of the former followers of Hitler.

However, they were not counting on the fact that Dood would be able to recruit the assistance of a pagan group who still hold firm to the old religion and who still converse in the Celtic language of their ancient forefathers. They hold in veneration the Celtic god Taranis and together both groups work together to defeat the cult.

But will they succeed? Read this thrilling novel to find out!

This book is definitely in the tradition of the late Dennis Wheatley and the only way one can tell that it is not a book by Wheatley is that there are references to modern matters such as emails. And, yes, I do mran that as a complement to the author, C. M. Chadwick.

It is published in hardback by Matador at £12.99 an d you can buy it here >>>

The Seven Letters

In her debut novel 'newly minted' author Jan Harvey brings readers a poignant and moving novel that weaves a fascinating series of deeply interwoven stories that proceed through the decades of wartime Europe and toward the present day.

Claudette Bourvil is a timid country girl who, after her recruitment by the French Resistance, is directed to work in Paris, as an undercover agent within a bordello that is operated by the calculating and hard Madame Odile.

Whilst she is at the bordello of Madame Odile, Claudette meets and falls in love with one of the habitues of the bordello, a German Nazi officer, Fritz Keber.  

He is a deeply complex man with secrets of his own, which, when she discovers them, absolutely horrifies Claudette.

The story progresses to England some seven decades later. It is 2014 and Connie Webber is a witness when her friend the playwright, Freddie March, ends his own life by suicide.

Matt Varney, a kindly stranger, who is also on the scene offers her his comfort and they become firm friends.

Matt offers to assist Connie in the task of sorting through Freddy's possessions and they discover a cache of seven letters which are the key to the mystery of his mother.

The letters lead them to Paris. There, they meet a former prostitute who reveals the story of a maid who worked at the bordello who was, in reality, an agent of the French Resistance.

Connie and Matt follow the trail to a quiet village in the Normandy countryside where they discover a terrible truth relating to the fate of Freddy's mother.

The book will be published in February 2017 at £9.99 by Matador.

It will be available for purchase here>>>

The Universe is a Machine

The Universe is a Machine is a debut non-fiction work by Chartered Engineer James Hughes.

In it offers a new and unique explanation of the science of what might have happened during the Big Bang, when our universe came into being.

It is a novel solution to the problem of where all the antimatter went after the Big Bang, why it is still in existence and the reasons as to why it has never, at least so far, been detected.

It is written in the form of a treatise which explores the so-called "smoking gun" of a clue that points to there having been a distinct mechanical process that took place during the aftermath of the Big Bang, superimposed, as Hughes argue, upon the thermodynamic and nuclear processes that are linked to the evolution of the early stages of our universe.

It is the current orthodoxy that the antimatter was utterly destroyed in the events of the aftermath of the Big Bang.

However, Cambridge alumnus and chartered engineer James Hughes argues that this was not the case.

He has a unique explanation to what happened to the antimatter, where it is and why it has not -at least, yet!- been subject to detection.

This paperback book is published in paperback by Matador at £78.00, though a Kindle version is available for £68.00.

It is available for purchase or download at our shop>>>

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That's Christmas: The Funniest Stuff

That's Christmas: The Funniest Stuff: This is the latest book from Colin West and it's going to be a must buy Chirstmas gift for the children in your life!" It's...

Under the Knife

Under the Knife is a fascinating new book by autohr Gulzar Mufti.

A retired urologist with decades of experience in the UK and abroad, Gulzar Mufti brings his readers a wide ranging array of medical and surgical stories from all over the globe.

Some of the anecdotes are light-hearted, some dramatic,  some tinged with sadness, but they are all very real examples of what happens in medical establishments the world over.

It also shows the human side of the doctors, the surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals who look after patients to the best of their abilities and, sometimes who go the extra mile and then some in order to help the sick people who are in their care.

Read how Professor K was able to make a diseased appendix just 'pop out', how the Kashmiri barbers dealt with hair and also with other matters such as teeth, removal of earwax, draining of abscesses and circumcision, too.

Also read how a simple typographical error was, actually, quite well received and how not everyone a doctor meets should be fully trusted!

This book is a must buy Christmas gift for everyone involved in medicine and also, everyone else, too!

It is published by the Book Guild at the modest price of £8.99 and is available for purchase from our own book and gift shop here>>> but please do remember you might need to use the express delivery option as it is so close to Christmas.

Portals of Discovery

Portals of Discovery is a fascinating new book by George Norrie, the second Baron Norrie of Wellington, New Zealand.

Lord George Norrie has had a fascinating life. He has served as a member of the armed services as a soldier, worked as a horticulturalist and is, by inclination, an entrepreneur and has served as a parliamentarian.

In his memoir which is frank and honest, he raises some very interesting points. For example he argues that the choices that we make during our lifetime should not, usually, be considered to be mistakes.

He concurs with the Irish author James Joyce, they are not to be considered to be mistakes, they are, "portals of discovery," or gateways inot new worlds and are opportunities for bus to learn more about life.

Lord Norrie is a delight as he does not take himself too seriously and employs a self-deprecating wit and casts an eye on contemporary life.

He details the story of his life that begins in the Gloucestershire of the Second World War, to South Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East.

He shares with his readers an important account of the vital role that the House of Lords plays in the examination and reviewing of new proposed legislation, pointing out some changes that he was able to introduce to legislation as it progressed through the Upper Chamber on key environmental matters.

His time in parliament was brought to a somewhat abrupt termination when reductions in the number of hereditary peers allowed to sit in the House of Lords was reduced, but he is still very active in helping to look after the natural world.

The key themes of this memoir are self-knowledge and the importance of looking for new understandings.

It is published by the Book Guild and in hardback it costs £14.95 and is available here from our own bookshop and gift shop >>>, but do please remember if it is a Christmas present, do please use the express delivery option.

Broccoli and Bloody-Mindedness

This is the story of Antonia Lister-Kaye as she takes a highly illuminating look back over her roller-coaster of a life.

She was born prematurely and was not a wanted child, in army barracks in the year of 1931.

She had cerebral palsy, yet she had a mind that was sharp and she had what was described as "a sense of fun."

Her childhood was chaotic and tinged with rage, some naughtiness and a few escapades and narrow scrapes.

Somehow, and it has to be said, the odds were somewhat stacked against her, Antonia was able to attend university and after leaving university she took up a career as a teacher in London.

She discovered sex and found that she quite like it and, after a few exciting and exhilarating years she, perhaps unexpectedly, got married to Hugo.

This brought about adventures of their own, as Hugo took her off to live in the African country of Nigeria.

Some time later they move to South Africa where Antonia discovers apartheid and realises that she hates it, which brings her suppressed rebellious nature to the surface.

She decides that she will make her way into Black zones that are normally forbidden to white people.

How does she do this? By the simple expedient of selling coffins ad teaching black students.

The South African authorities find her attitudes if not in breach of the apartheid regulations, certainly somewhat disturbing so they "invite" the family to return to the UK.

Domestic tasks were beyond her -due to three small children- and she eventually suffers from a breakdown in her physical health, with resultant chronic back pain.

Eventually Hugo leaves her and things get a little chaotic.

She finds that teaching is now too physically demanding and so she takes the decision to retrain as a psychotherapist, which results in more years of work that she found utterly fascinating and rewarding, in the main.

In later years she has campaigned for the re-legalisation of cannabis for medical use and when asked recently by her doctor how she had survived so long she responded with the improtal line: "Broccoli and bloody-mindedness!"

The book is illustrated with photographs and it is an autobiography that really shoulds be bought as a  Christmas present for those who like autobiographies about real people.

It is published by Matador at £7.99 and is available for purchase here >>> but od use the express delivery option if you ant it before Christmas.

The Conisbrough Chronicles

This book, written by McMullen Country, tells the history of the Conisbrough family down through the last 1,000 years.

Seen through the eyes of several different narrators, we read the history of this great family as they amble through the last Millennia as they interrelate and interact with other families and characters, often with utterly disastrous consequences. Usually for them and not for the Conisbrough family members, however!

We see how the family participated -even sometimes if only in vaguely tangential ways- with the great and the good and the small and the not all that good, really, figures of British history.

We learn of what things were really like in the Middle Ages (it's filled with stuff you probably never knew until you picked this book up)  the goings on (diverse and interesting)  at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, what the English Civil War was like (at least from the point of view of the Conisbrough family) and the dark doings that took place during the Industrial Revolution.

We meet greedy people, mad people, sad people and bad people and the third part of the book brings us right up to date with the relations between the Conisbrough family and the modern world.

And the great thing is? The entire book is all culled from the fertile imagination of McMullen Country, as the Conisbrough family is a work of fiction!

He reports, somewhat gleefully, that his "proof reader said she had never read anything like it!" which he, probably wisely, chose to take as a compliment.

This book will make a nifty stocking filler this Christmas so please quickly your copy from our book shop, here >>> Probably better to use "express" options for delivery, now.

That's Christmas: May it Please You, Madam

That's Christmas: May it Please You, Madam: May it Please You, Madam, by Neil Hickman, is just the type of book that I love. It is sub-titled a little book of legal whimsy and it c...


In  Dublin author's Bernadette Quinn's new novel, Salvage, she explores a situation of marital crisis and destruction.

Based on events from real life -not those of the author- the novel tells the story of a typical Irish couple, Pam Cronin and Pat McElroy.

They meet, by chance, at a seminar. He is a youthful and ambitious architect, she is an equally youthful and equally ambitious newly qualified medical doctor.

They meet again and quickly realise that they are falling very deeply in love  and quite soon they are married and have two children.

However, their married life takes a change for the worse when Pam wishes to return to work as a doctor. Perhaps somewhat inexplicably, Pat forbids this from happening.

In order to appease her husband, Pam  acquiesces to his arguments that she should be a stay at home mother and concentrate on raising their two children.

This is, however, the start of what eventually become serious problems within their marriage.

With the passage of time their relationship deteriorates more and more. Pam attempts to raise these important issues with her husband but he dismisses her concerns. As far as he is concerned they have the perfect marriage and any problems that Pam perceives are only within her own mind.

Perhaps in order to shock him into realising the severity of their marital disharmony, Pam suggests a trial separation, he is angry and very dismissive of the idea. But demands that if they separate, that he would seek custody of their two children.

Aware that their marriage is, in fact, dying, Pam realises that she must now make plans to create a new life for herself, a life that does not involve her husband or her children.

However, fate takes a hand when Pam is severely wounded when she attempts to save a child who is in danger of being run down by a bus.

She is alone in her hospital bed  and she begins to think about her life and her family. Will she be able to continue with her life as a wife and mother or could she decide to carry out her plans for a new and different life, facing the world, alone?

This is an emotionally charged and highly realistic novel and will make an excellent Christmas present for those for whom Mills and Boon is not their cup of tea.

It is published by Matador at £9.99 and can be bought here >>>

Emotions of a Book

In his book "Emotions of a Book" author Guido Parisi explores the links between the author and his novel.

In a way that many might feel follows on in the tradition of Six Characters in Search of an author, the important 1921 play by fellow Italian Luigi Pirandello, this arguably equally important work explores the relationships between the author and the book that the author is creating.

Does the book have a personality of its own? Is it, in fact, a living creature in its own right?

Parisi argues that this point of view can be extended to all other artistic categories, the musical, artistic, dramatic, painters, sculptors and so forth.

Written by lecturer, teacher and a professor of literature, Emotions of a Book is a work that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone with even a passing interest in the arts and the meaning of life.

Although a work that touches on a great many different, yet, in reality, related themes (the arts, history, the nature of love and friendship, truth and so on) it is written in a style that is easily accessible by anyone who cares to read it.

The ideas that flow through and from this book are important and this book will make a excellent Christmas present for anyone who loves the arts and life in general.

It is published by Matador at £10.99 andis available for purchase here >>>

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Rasmus is a dark and entertainingly cynical take off of the television industry, written by P J Vanston.

Rasmus. Exactly who, or what, is Rasmus?

He appears to be a TV visionary, a producer of reality television shows, but he has a desire to push, pull and cajole the genre to either scale untold heights, or to plumb the lowest levels of some post-Dante vision of Hell.

Take your pick.

His programming corrupts all who participate,  all who watch it and his rivals in the television industry, worldwide.

Great and terrible things happen, people will die live (if you'll pardon that expression) on TV, celebrities will be consumed, no, make that celebrities will be eaten and all for higher ratings.

All culminating in Death Hunt compared by the bouncy Alicia McVicar, where the name of the game is delete or be deleted.

Of course, nothing like this could ever happen in real life. Or Could it?

Not for the feint of heart this book is published by Matador at £8.99 and will make a superb Christmas present who like their fiction to be thrilling, satirical and just a little off the wall.

You can buy it here from our own book and gift shop which you will find here >>>

That's Christmas: The Primacy of Your Eye

That's Christmas: The Primacy of Your Eye: The Primacy of Your Eye is a fascinating book by author, artist and qualified art historian Allan W. Beckett. It is a handbook that belo...

That's Christmas: The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith

That's Christmas: The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith: If you have a teacher or a child to buy a Christmas present for, then you really should get a copy of veteran schoolteacher Trevor Cattell...

Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories

Snake Ring at Risk & Other Stories is a refreshingly brilliant collection of short stories from author John Holroyd.

The stories are aimed at children and contain good, positive moral underpinnings, but children of ages 9 to 99 (and beyond) will find these stories equally enchanting.

 You will reads about the Witch that wasn't, the not stupid at all boy who should not have been called Pie, a kitten who was full of mischief, the mystery of what the old lady in black was really singing and that's all in the first story!

There's the exciting new game that Sammy invented for himself, which resulted in him working to free a planet from an influx of giant snails, but it was only a dream. Or was it?

There are stories of revenge that was misplaced and erroneous, and also what happened when the Snake Ring was at risk.

The book costs £7.99 and is an essential read for everyone.

It is published in January and you can pre-order your copy here at our book and gift shop >>>

Mr Churchill's Driver A Murderer's Story

If you are a lover of mystery novels Mr Churchill's Driver A Murderer's Story should be high up on the list of books to buy in 2017. (It is out in January 2017.)

It is written by Colin Farrington and is a stunner of a debut novel.

The book is intriguingly described as being based on "real events" and "events that may be real."

It is July 1940 and Britain stands alone against the dark and brooding menace and threat that was Nazi Germany.

What if, the book posits, Britain's Premier, Winston Churchill, had met with the Irish leader Eamon de Valera?

What if Winston Churchill had agreed with de Valera to unify Ireland in return for the entry of the Republic of Ireland into the war?

Is it possible that they might have even discussed terms from Germany to bring an end to the war?

The novel is largely the memoir of William Gilbey. It commences with the story which had been told to him by Bert, his father.

Bert, it transpired, had been a driver for Winston Churchill. He claimed that he had driven the Wartime Premier to the Welsh port town of Holyhead for a clandestine meeting with the Irish
Taoiseach, Eamon de Valera.

William's own story is a little complicated because as the novel commences he has just been released from prison after serving 12 years for murder.

It is his intention to find out the truth about the life of his father who was also found guilty of murder, but who was executed for his crime and was notorious as being the last man to be hanged in Britain in 1964.

He also plans to go straight, but not before retrieving stashes of jewelry and cash secreted by his gang.

But his efforts are not going unobserved. He has raised the interests of three groups, the British Secret Service, his own former gang members and Irish Nationalists.

They believe that his father may have informed him of the existence of documents relating to secret peace negotiations and there's the other matter of antiques and money smuggled from Northern Ireland to England during the war years.

This book is published by Matador at £8.99 and will be available for pre-ordering here >>>

That's Christmas: Chasing Cloud

That's Christmas: Chasing Cloud: If you have to buy a Christmas present for a lover of historical fiction, here's a book that will fit that bill perfectly. Chasing C...

That's Books and Entertainment: All About Cruising

That's Books and Entertainment: All About Cruising: All About Cruising is a new and highly amusing look at cruiseships and those who cruise around the world on them. It is a mixture of car...

That's Christmas: The Key to the Half Worlds

That's Christmas: The Key to the Half Worlds: Andrew Chaplin's debut children's novel, The Key to the Half Worlds, is published by The Book Guild at £8.99. It tells the excit...

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That's Christmas: Deathling of Dorn

That's Christmas: Deathling of Dorn: Deathling of Dorn, by John Timmis, is an ideal Christmas gift for the lovers of Fantasy Fiction in your life. It tells the story of the ...

All About Cruising

All About Cruising is a new and highly amusing look at cruiseships and those who cruise around the world on them.

It is a mixture of cartoons and the written word all crafted by qualified Yachtmaster and former Royal Navy member "Boz."

Boz takes a look at the history of cruiseships and holiday cruising, pointing out that perhaps the first cruiseship master was actually Noah? And that other early proponents of the cruising life were Polynesians, Vikings and the like.

He lets us look at what life is like on modern cruiseships from the point of view of the crew and the passengers.

He also, to coin a phrase, lifts the hood on the esoteric world of the Private Charter Cuisers and luxury full rigged sailing ships. Although he does say something about them that does, somewhat, dispel their mystique. But what this is you can find by buying this excellent book  here >>> at £9.99.

It's a great Christmas gift for the armchair traveller or for those people who have been on, or who are going on a cruise.

That's Christmas: Hidden by the Leaves

That's Christmas: Hidden by the Leaves: Hidden by the Leaves is a new novel by S D L Curry, which draws upon his extensive knowledge of the history of Medieval Japanese society. ...

Cancer A Journey's End

In this very moving book Prashant Naik gives an account of his wife's amazing fight with cancer.

In the year 2012, Tanvi Naik was given the diagnosis that she had breast cancer.

She commenced her course of treatment with hope and optimism and with a loving, caring family (her husband and two young daughters) she was firm in her resolve that the only option was her full recovery and that death would not result from her cancer.

She actually said: "That's for other people!"

However, the treatments for her breast cancer did not work and it was realised that her cancer was far more aggressive than at first thought.

Sadly, the major fear of the family came to pass, the diagnosis was that Tanvi's cancer was, after all, terminal.

But Prashant did not want the incredible story of his wife's brave struggle to go unrecorded and unnoticed, so he has written this book as a loving memorial to her fight against her cancer.

This book will be an ideal gift for anyone who has been touched by cancer or who needs to counsel or treat people who have cancer.

It is published by £8.99 and is available for purchase via our online bookshop >>>

That's Christmas: The First English Explorer

That's Christmas: The First English Explorer: Ask most people who the first English explorer was and they would probably come up with a whole range of different names. But they would a...

Living With the Leopard

Living With the Leopard is the latest novel from author Maggie Allder.

It is the follow on novel to Courting Rendition.

It relates the story of a young and recently wed couple, Tom ands Carrie.

They look to have a bright future ahead of them, despite the fact that they are both members of a religious sect that a concerned government has determined is "extremist."

They are inhabitants of a somewhat stable community so they are, to an extent, protected from the problems caused by poverty and discrimination in the outside world.

But when they are invited to become activists, they become targets of surveillance by the government.

They rapidly find themselves targeted by the Anti-Terrorists Task Force (the ATTF) and are bewildered by the changes in their once settled and ordered lives.

They find themselves involved with a group that organises an escape route to assist dissidents to escape the clutches of the government.

They even find themselves offering shelter to a person who is wanted by the government.

When Carrie falls into ill health they find that their benefits are revoked and they eventually come to realise that they are no longer able to know who, within their community, is trustworthy or not.

They find their religious faith and even their marriage is at risk and they conclude that their own escape is now the only valid option. But who can they trust?

Can they make one last, desperate gamble to achieve their freedom together?

This is an interesting and thought-provoking novel and will make an excellent Christmas present for the lover of cerebral fiction.

It is published by Matador at £7.99 and is available from our very own shop which you will find here >>>

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That's Christmas: The Inventing Tubes

That's Christmas: The Inventing Tubes: The Inventing Tubes is a new book by Bryony Supper who, after surviving a career as a children's TV star, has reinvented herself as a ...

That's Christmas: Dead End

That's Christmas: Dead End: Dead End is a new crime thriller by novelist Daniel Pascoe. (You may well have read his previous novel The London Sniper, published last...

That's Christmas: Hoping for the Best

That's Christmas: Hoping for the Best: Hoping for the Best is an amazing debut book from Sarah Berryman -non-fiction, bless her!- about what it is really like to become the moth...

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That's Christmas: Death in Winter

That's Christmas: Death in Winter: Death in Winter is a new crime novel from veteran crime writer Ian McFayden who is certainly going to please his fans and new readers alik...

That's Christmas: James and the Amazing Gift

That's Christmas: James and the Amazing Gift: James and the Amazing gift is a wonderful book that will make a stupendously great Christmas gift for young boys and girls. It is debut ...

That's Christmas: Beyond All Doubt

That's Christmas: Beyond All Doubt: Beyond All Doubt is a new crime thriller novel from the pen of Evesham author Paige Elizabeth Turner. Intrigued by the recent advances i...

That's Christmas: The Great Wizard Wars

That's Christmas: The Great Wizard Wars: The Great Wizard Wars is a fantastic new novel for children of 7 to 11 years of age and their mums, dads, grandparents and older siblings ...

That's Christmas: Georgina A song of youth

That's Christmas: Georgina A song of youth: Georgina A song of youth is a new novel by Cedric Paul Foster. It relates the story of Georgina, who is an extraordinary woman. She is...

That's Christmas: Love Across the Decades

That's Christmas: Love Across the Decades: In his new collection of short, romantic stories, writer Steven Baker (who we just met, you will remember!) has produced an entirely diffe...

That's Christmas: Battling Spirits and Kindly Hearts

That's Christmas: Battling Spirits and Kindly Hearts: Battling Spirits and Kindly Hearts is a new novel from author Steven Baker. It tells the story of young Londoner Michael Forbes. His was...

Friday, 25 November 2016

That's Christmas: More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot

That's Christmas: More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot: More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot is subtitled The Veterinary Detectives. Written by one such veterinary detective, Roger S. Winds...

Shifting Stories How changing their story can transform people

It's said that everyone has a story. But what if you could help people to change their story? What would happen to them? What would become of them?

In his new book, Shifting Stories How changing their story can transform people, Andrew Scott, a freelance management training consultant and coach who has worked with top blue chip organisations and many universities during the past three decades, points out that you can help people change their story and, therefore, change themselves.

If your job requires you to help others to become more effective in a workplace setting, then this book will be of immense value and help to you.

It uses a completely revolutionary approach  to addressing the life of your organisation in order for oyu to be better able to coach your staff members more effectively, boosting your team to work more successfully, deal with and resolve interpersonal difficulties, bring about change (by leadership!)  and resolve conflicts.

Andrew began a five year process of examining the multitude of different approaches that are available, ranging from Narrative Theraphy to CBT.

He has created a synthesis which has brought about a new and unique method to assist people to re-write the stories within their lives which, Andrew, contends, impede and block their progress, their abilities and their effectiveness.

The book is broken down inot three distinct sections.  

What's the Big Idea?
The ManyStory Approach in Approach in Practice
Concluding Thoughts.

Section one covers how everyone lives our lives through story, how problems could arise because of the stories that people have created, how people can make their stories come true, for good or for ill, sometimes,  and how people can be helped to work with their stories to achieve better, more positive outcomes.

Section two deals with how the ManyStory approach can be applied. There are a number of very helpful case studies that explore and demonstrate all aspects of the system.

The final section, section 3, brings together everything that has been learned, but it also examines instances where the system has been seen to have not worked and he examines the lessons that we can learn from them.

The book will be a useful tool in the tool kit available to anyone in Human Resources, training, business coaching and management.

It costs £14.99 and is published by Matador. Copies are available for purchase at our own book shop at >>>

That's Christmas: Actual Reality

That's Christmas: Actual Reality: We have all heard of Virtual Reality, but what of Actual Reality? Cat Mantra has spent his working life as a journalist and as a perform...

The Adventures of a Mzungu

In his latest book, The Adventures of a Mzungu, David Ardron takes a retrospective look back at his times spent travelling through the continent of Africa.

The book is a light-hearted and compelling look back at his times spent in Africa, whilst there for pleasurable travel and also for work.

He was a travelling novice when he first started his sojourns inot the African continent and he saw everything through the fresh and unjaded eyes of a travelling novice.

On his first visit to a shanty town in Nairobi, he was startled by a Masai security guard, enjoyed (if that's the correct word...) is first experience of public transport in Africa and managed to survive his first encounter with African wildlife. You will be glad to know that neither he, or the water buffalo, were any the worse for their mutual experience.

Throughout the coming years David met a great many interesting people, sometimes in hospital and prison visits, flew to and from a number of airports (an adventure in itself, to be honest) met even more wildlife (and, thankfully, continued to survive these encounters) and he even (somehow!) managed to survive his attempts at negotiating African traffic as a driver.

In 2007 he spent a year in Uganda, where he realised that there was a problem with the idea of arranging training for village church leaders. They had not the funding to attend training courses in distant cities, so David hit on the idea of bringing the necessary training to them, instead.

He found the required training course, found training to enable him to present the training courses and this is what he now does, taking the training to even the remotest villages where this training is desperately required.

This is a very inspirational book and it will make an ideal Christmas present for people who want to learn about travel and inspirational people like David Ardron.

The book isd from Matador and costs £11.99.

It's available to purchase at our own shop, here >>>

That's Christmas: A Cuddle of Cats

That's Christmas: A Cuddle of Cats: A Cuddle of Cats is the perfect Christmas present for all cat lovers, everywhere. It is written by author Heather Cook and it is copious...

Telling Tails: the Confessions of a Handyman

You may have heard of author E. James Chapman before.  His first book The Train Now Standing at Platform 3 is a pure joy to read. (I have just checked. It is still available and will make a super Christmas present.)

After living in Spain for several years British expat E. James Chapman has gathered a number of what he describes as "hilarious anecdotes" more, actually, than he could possibly hope to count.

In Telling Tales: the Confessions of a Handyman, he uses a mere seven of these hilarious anecdotes.

He points out that the majority of the stories actually happened to him and his family.

We read a compilation of seven stories that all, really, actually, took place in the southern Spanish area called Costa del Sol.

How did all this happen to him? Perhaps, upon quiet reflection, he might have had an easier life if he had not taken the expat career that he did. That of a property manager-cum-butler within the expat community in the costa del Sol!

In the pages of the book we meet a whole array of characters from the barking mad to the bewildered and from the lustful to the loony. But all, the author assures us, fictional! Of course...

We meet Helga, a sort of Viking troll, the mysterious signals used -or not!- by ladies who might be requiring some type of servicing arrangement, involving a certain brand of powder detergent or a brand of coffee much loved in Spain.

Learn what happened when the secret lift urinator was discovered and his utterly bizarre excuse for micturating in the lift of the complex, why a police officer got hit in a highly unfortunate part og his anatomy by a flying TV remote control, how the advent of a secret CCTV system gave one poor resident far, far more than he bargained for. Or even wanted, poor fellow. Three hours worth, apparently.

There are problematic building contractors, Pepe the plumber -who looked, or so we are told, more like a Chippendale, than a plumber- and a whole host of other characters.

You might like to buy this book as a Christmas present. But if you do, buy two copies, one for you, too! It's published by Matador at £8.99 and includes some amusing line drawings, too.

You can purchase (and his first book) it at our very own shop, right here >>>

The Wolf of Dalriada

The Wolf of Dalriada is a historical novel set in the Highlands of Scotland.

It is set in 1793 and deals with the problems faced by Scottish landowners set against the backdrop of the painful and bloody revolution that was then sweeping through France.

If there is one person who is set to ride out these mighty and powerful forces for change, then it would be Malcolm Craig Lowrie. Otherwise known as The Wolf of Dalriada, a man who was a legend within his own lifetime.

The clearances in remote Argyll are causing horrors and heartaches for the populace and they are calling out for justice.

A beautiful and mysterious Frenchwoman is living under the malign thrall of the man who captured her, Sir William Robinson, a man whose debauchery was well known throughout the area.

His people need his protection. But can The Wolf of Dalriada prove equal to this challenge? Can he protect his people? Can The Wolf of Dalriada smash his enemies who, ruthless as they are, threaten to destroy all who are in their path?

And what about the debauched and wicked Sir William and his captured Frenchwoman? What is to become of them?

The Wolf of Dalriada is the start of a series of chronicles penned by debut author Elizabeth Gates and it is ideal for those who love their romances to be well written, historical and exciting.

It is published by Matador at £8.99 and makes an ideal stocking filler for the lover of historical romances.

You can purchase it here>>>

Rescuing God From Religion

In this slim volume author Muriel Seltman points out the sceptics should be able to "design their own God, free of religion."

She points out that, throughout the history of the human race, God or Gods have played a key role.

From her position as what she calls a "nontheist" she has written a book for those people who are wavering in their religious beliefs in a "creator-God" as she puts it.

They might feel a requirement for security, both of an intellectual and/or an emotional nature that can arise from the belief in a loving, personal God.

It might be hard, she argues, for individuals in these circumstances to question their faith and to, ultimately, reject their religion.

The purpose of the book is to encourage such sceptics to build their own idea of a God which can provide comfort and consolation but in a way that negates what she describes as "the burden of religious dogma."

It's an interesting book which costs £9.99 and is published by Matador.

It is available for purchase here>>>

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That's Christmas: Peggy

That's Christmas: Peggy: Peggy is the story of a little girl called Susan. She loves ponies. But she doesn't have one of her own because her father cannot af...

That's Christmas: The Haunted Painting on the Wall

That's Christmas: The Haunted Painting on the Wall: The Haunted Painting on the Wall is a new spooky novel for children from the imagination of author Devika A. Rosamund. Tracy and Sebasti...

Rethinking Psychotherapy

Rethinking Psychotherapy is a new and very thought-provoking critique of the current mental health system and how psychotherapy is practiced.

Paul Hingston originally trained as a lawyer who began working in the financial sector.

He became used to working within a business environment that promoted and celebrated a culture in which a clear focus was maintained on the problem at hand. That also gave great value to the concept of the well-reasoned argument.

After Paul decided to embark on a radical re-think of his career path and to train as a psychotherapist, he was shocked and horrified to discover that there was no such culture within the field of psychotherapy, at all.

Over the last 15 years Paul has been employed as a private practice therapist who has also worked as a front line manager of mental health service providers.

The experiences that he has gained, plus his previous nine years during which he trained at some of the UK's top mental health institutions have combined together to enable him to offer a critique of modern psychotherapy that is worrying, challenging and yet, ultimately, inspiring.

He calls into question some dearly and long-held beliefs. He challenges the efficacy of using a diagnostic approach to the problem of everyday unhappiness.

He also questions the wisdom of, in effect, choosing to label as symptoms of mental illness what are, he asserts, merely perfectly normal and natural reactions to the challenges of life.

Paul believes that modern psychotherapy has it all wrong. Therapists should not, he concludes, provide treatment or encourage introspection. Instead, he avers, they should help clients to learn how to cope with and come to terms with unusual and/or distressing circumstances that they find themselves in by referencing them to a wider social and personal context.

The book will be of great value to all people who work in the field of mental health. It is published by Matador at £9.99 and is available for purchase here >>>

That's Christmas: The Film Director's Wife

That's Christmas: The Film Director's Wife: We all love a good autobiography, especially if it can shed light on the lives of the rich and famous from the perspective of someone who ...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Calling Time

Calling Time is a new and extremely important novel by Judith Hereford.

Judith Hereford witnessed terrible cruelty being meted out to elderly people when she was in his first job as a young woman.

So she feels compelled to bring this issue to the attention of others.

(EDITOR: Recent reports of the jailing of two young women for acts of gross cruelty to elderly women at a carehome mean that, sadly, this book is of special relevance and should be read bearing that in mind.)

The novel draws on her own experiences and touches on a wide variety of highly emotive and equally important concepts regarding the provision of care for the elderly.

It follows the lives of two entirely different people, starting in the New Zealand of the 1950s.

There's Kristine and Angela.

Angela is concerned about the quality of life afforded to the elderly. So he decides to take matters into her own hands and kills four of the patients under her care to "put them out of their misery."

But it all goes wrong when a fifth victim causes questions to be asked into the matter.

As a result, Angela is frightened and decides to resign from her position.

However, Kristine is a model carer who would not dream of murdering those vulnerable elderly people who have been placed in her charge.

But after moving to the UK, Kristine finds that looking after her own mother-in-law is much more difficult than she could have imagined.

Eventually she realises that she cannot cope and takes the decision to have her mother-in-law placed within a nursing home.

The novel makes clever use of a variety of voices -care staff, residents, the matron, etc. to tell the story of how things can, and sadly, do, go so badly wrong with the residential care for the elderly.

This novel is published by Matador at £8.99 and is a very creditable debut novel. It is to be hoped that This is only the first of many novels from Judith Hereford.

It is available for purchase from our bookshop which you will find here >>>

The Cruelty of Free Will

In his book The Cruelty of Free Will, author Richard Oerton has written a sequel to his previous work, The Nonsense of Free Will.

He does not believe in the concept of free will and he argues his case against the concept of free will in a trenchant and erudite fashion.

He believes that free will is a cruel concept, that it brings about much confusion and causes untold amounts of destruction, incomprehension and outright cruelty.

He points out that the concept of free will is a dangerous one in that it rules out biological determination and cal cause people to blame others for matters that are not a product of free will at all, but of biological and environmental "luck."

This is an interesting book which students of biology, theology and atheism might like to read in order for them to better understand the human condition. And to learn more about their own viewpoints. 

It costs £8.49 and is published by Matador Books and is available to purchase at our very own book shop which you will find here>>>>

Monday, 21 November 2016

Madeira in a Nutshell

Madeira in a Nutshell is described as the essential guide to Madeira.

Written and compiled by travel expert Anita Montonen, Madeira in a Nutshell tells you all you need to know about the green and luscious archipelago of Madeira.

There are are stunning selection of bright and colourful images, and you'll never be short of places to go and things to do as there are details of in excess of 200 wonderful attractions that you can visit.

Plus there are over 70 festivals and events that you can enjoy attending.

And if you really delight in really getting into the swing of things when you are on holiday, there is a special section that contains a list of some 300 useful words and phrases in Portuguese, to help you really get to know the local population that little bit more.

But that's not all! There's also an amazing food vocabulary plus listings of local speciality foods and drinks for you to try out.

Learn about the wine that Madeira is famed for, visit the wineries and the special wine museums (there's more than just one!)  and enjoy learning about local plants, flowers and trees, especially those housed in over 30 stunning and spectacular parks and speciality gardens.

For those of you who want to get out and about for some great sporting action, you'll learn of 40 sports and activities that are available for your enjoyment on Madeira. Plus there's another section of activities that are specifically aimed at children and teenagers.

Learn about the local geography, the culture, the history and the arts that go together to make Madeira a very unique place for a vacation.

And learn the best places to hunt down great souvenirs in a host of traditional shopping area, some modern shopping centres and speciality shopping streets.

There are also some useful colour maps, too.

There's even a section at the back for you to include your own notes!

This is an ideal Christmas gift for the armchair traveller or for the person who is going to holiday in Madeira.

The book is published by AM-Marketing at £20.00. It is available at the That's Books and Entertainment book and gift shop which you will find here>>>

That's Christmas: Arcanum

That's Christmas: Arcanum: Arcanum is a stunning psychic novel that is set in Ireland, in the past and the present. It is written by author Ann Mann. A troupe of...

A new Detective Inspector Moon novel is out! Blood Ties

Blood Ties is the latest novel in the Detective Inspector Charlie Moon series.

It's two years on from the events in the novel The Silent Passage, which saw DI Moon suspended for not following the rules.

He's now back on the job, yet he has a disturbing, nagging feeling that his superiors are waiting for him to make one more mistake so that they can dispense with his services.

A body is discovered hidden under a pile of leaves deep within the centre of some woodland.

The investigation is given to DI Moon and it sets him off on a case that is interesting and filled with a number of surprises.

The victim is fairly rapidly identified as being a local minor villain by the name of Sean Mattox. The cause of death was identified as being a shotgun blas from fairly close quarters.

There are no links established to the place where the victim was found and the forensic evidence is worryingly scant.

As DI Moon proceeds through the investigation he is stymied by one dead end after another.

He again seeks out the assistance of his journalist friend Jo Lyon. As the investigation stumbles on, they uncover a trail that eventually leads to a case involving a missing person and a case of sexual abuse.

Nothing seems to fit, there are reports of strange events in country lanes, but surely these are unrelated to the murder? DI Moon is not so certain and, eventually, he begins to make some rather startling discoveries.

Will he be able to bring the killer of Sean Mattox to justice? Or will his superiors scupper his chances?

This book will make a great stocking filler for all fans of detective novels and it comes from the pen of Jenny Francis, the pen name of writing team Patricia Scudamore and Hilton Catt.

It's published by Matdor at £8.99 and is available for purchase at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which is just here >>>>

That's Christmas: The A to Z of Stuff The Indispensable compendium o...

That's Christmas: The A to Z of Stuff The Indispensable compendium o...: The A to Z of Stuff, The Indispensable compendium of wisdom, as it is subtitled is one of those "must buy" Christmas presents th...

Religion Can Be Fun

Religion Can Be Fun is a light-hearted and humours approach to how religion can be taught as a subject.

Huib van Hoeven, who lives in the English county of Norfolk has spent a great many years doing religion. This has included a wide range of activities from conducting intercessions to leading morning praise services.

Yet Huib is, rightly, some would say, concerned about how religion is often portrayed as being very serious. And this, he believes, is why it often fails to give a spark to the imagination of younger people.

In his book he points out that religion does not have to be dull or boring and can, actually, be a whole lot of fun, instead.

But how can this be achieved, you might ask?

Huib's own worship style is light in heart and aims to bring a smile to the face of those who are wanting to learn more about religion.

He is quoted as saying: "In general the church comes over as heavy and serious and vestments, rituals and practices that are seen as incomprehensible."

He goes on  to say that "though the High Church (so called) has many followers, it has little place for the younger generation. In compiling this book, I hope to show there can be another side to religion, which may be more attractive to younger people."

Huib believes that the church could offer much more to people, especially younger people.

Readers of the book are challenged to experience the impact of the powerful messages that are contained within this book and see the differences they make within themselves.

For those who are sceptical or who are doubters, it is the intention of Huib to show them how they can take the opportunity to rethink their position on their views on God and religion.

Readers who might feel that they are at the end of their tether could, Huib hopes, face their life with renewed vigor and stimulation.

It contains stories from the Bible, including Paul's shipwreck, how to recharge our batteries, a prayer for laughter and a whole host of other contents.

The forward is written by Jonathan Meyrick, the Bishop of Lynn.

Published by Matdor at £7.99, this book is a wonderful companion for those wishing to learn more about the Christian religion.

It's an easy, yet thought-provoking read and will make an admirable Christmas present.

It can be purchased at The That's Books and Entertainment book and gift shop which you can access here

That's Christmas: Love is Small Talk

That's Christmas: Love is Small Talk: Love is Small Talk is a delightfully drawn and very amusing book of cartoons by Fred Jefferies. It's a large format book and it is, ...

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

That's Christmas: Ben and the Spider Lake

That's Christmas: Ben and the Spider Lake: Ben and the Spider Lake is another magical book from children's author Angela Fisher. She returns to the Spider Kingdom for this her...

Sunday, 13 November 2016

That's Christmas: Mischief

That's Christmas: Mischief: Mischief is the latest novel by popular writer LIz Vincent. It tells the story of the younger generation of the Lange family, who reader...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

That's Christmas: Blackmail

That's Christmas: Blackmail: Blackmail is the debut thriller novel by retired judge, Michael Stokes. Stokes uses his training as a lawyer and his experiences in the ...

That's Christmas: The Boathouse

That's Christmas: The Boathouse: The Boathouse is a romantic debut novel from Dane Anthony Howard. It's the story of how a young couple,  Ben and Louise, fall in lov...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

That's Christmas: Amazing Pages has a perfect stunner of a gift for ...

That's Christmas: Amazing Pages has a perfect stunner of a gift for ...: Seeking out a truly personalised, high quality Christmas gift like nothing you have ever seen before? Well, Amazing Pages can help you, ...

Visions of the Righteousness of God

Visions of the Righteousness of God is a new book on theology from Dr Danson Enogiomwan Ubebe.

It starts with the concept of who created god and covers the structure of the human spirit, the soul and the body.

It then takes a renewed look at the Gospel  of grace and offers the reader a fascinating insight into the mystery of what, exactly, the concept of grace is all about,.

It also examines the visible and the invisible world and the fall of Lucifer and of man.

It also covers a wide range of other theological subjects and topics including the Judgement, the Second Coming of Christ, the demise of the world (as we know it) the Garden of Eden and much more besides.

A Theologian told the reviewer: "It is obvious that the author has put an awful lot of work and thought into the studies that underlie this book."

This book will make a fine Christmas present for students of theology or those who want to know things about religious matters.

It is available in paperback at £9.99 and can be bought through the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at this address:-

That's Christmas: Voice Behind the Mask

That's Christmas: Voice Behind the Mask: The book Voice Behind the Mask is a thrilling book by Doctor George Lahoud, MD. From the first page I was gripped by the terse yet compe...

A Healing of Gardens

A Healing of Gardens is a debut novel from the pen of L R Gray.

It's the first part of a two part series and it concentrates on the life of Jackie, who is a young boy who leads a sad life.

He is part English, part German and part Gypsy. But due largely to his appearance (which horrifies and disturbs people) he is cruelly and heartlessly rejected by his own family and rendered utterly friendless.

On his 15th birthday Jackie is taken in bu his paternal grandmother.

Although a "high born" Romany Gypsy, she, too, knows isolation, as she is, in effect, isolated.

She teaches him the secrets of operating her various business enterprises. Unfortunately she also inculcates within him her own warped character traits, her vicious, cold nature, her cruelty and her detestation of any sign of weakness.

This has a deleterious impact on young Jackie as it has a negative impact on his sanity and on the people who try to get close to him.

It's also the story of some beautiful people who are involved within his life.

Especially, there is Suzanne who is a young and attractive artist who he meets later on in his life.

She realises that Jackie is a tormented and troubled soul and she sees within him what ha cannot see within himself.

Their relationship is a troubled one, beset by horrors as cruelty upon cruelty threatens the sanity of both of them.

This is a hardback novel published by Matador and the adult themes that it covers are both disturbing and electrifying.

It costs £10.99 and is available at the That's Books and Entertainment Bookshop

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tony Collins: Football Master Spy

Tony Collins: Football Master Spy tells the fascinating and enlightening story of Tony Collins who was dubbed as football's "master spy" and who was also the Football League's first black football club manager.

The book, written by Quentin Cope and Sarita Collins, tells the story of his life, his childhood, his time in the army during World War 2. particular his time serving in Italy.

It also covers his time as a professional footballer, with 47 appearances with Fourth Division Rochdale, before he was promoted to the manager of Rochdale, a position he held for seven years from 1960 until 1967.

His career as a footballer and manager was far from easy. He suffered racial prejudice and scorn, yet he was able to time and time again prove the doubters to be in error as he garnered well-deserved sobriquets such as "The Teacher" and "Football's Master Spy."

He discovered and nurtured some football players who would become some of the greatest names in this modern history of football.

He had battles with the likes of Clough and Ferguson during his 44 days as the manager of Leeds United.

However he had close relationships with the real men of English football management, such as Don Revie and Ron "Big Ron" Atkinson.

And the remarkable thing? This book is the first time the story of Tony Collins has been told!

And as Tony is 90 year old, it's a very welcome publication!

It's published by the Book Guild in paperback at £9.99.

The book is written by Tony's daughter Sarita,with the assistance of Quentin Cope.

There is also a fulsome and heartfelt introduction by "Big Ron" Atkinson, himself.

This book will make an ideal Christmas present for the footie fan in your life. You can purchase it via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop which you can access here:-

Libya, A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed

Libya, A Love Lived, A Life Betrayed is a memoir by Susan M. Sandover.

It is a real love story that spans multiple decades and several continents.

The genesis of the 320 page memoir was one blog post that Susan write after the death of her beloved husband.

With a twelve hour period that blog post had received in excess of 6,000 hits.

Many of the readers of the blog post pleaded with Susan to expand on the post to tell the story behind it.

And in 2014 Susan began to write the entire story.

Susan had chosen her spouse well, Bashir was a career diplomat i the Libyan Civil Service, who was a very enlightened and forward-thinking man.

They were there for each other, through thick and thin, living through the dangerous time of the Libyan Gaddafi regime, of dangers and traumas, of horrifying experiences brought about by Gaddafi and his government, the bombings by NATO armies including the USA.

There were also coups and a revolution and a blasphemy case, too.

But Susan does not want her readers to think that it was all bad. For Susan and her husband Bashir also enjoyed good times and good years together.

Unfortunately, Bashir fell ill and his family, who hated her and who tried to steal his lands during his illness, attempted to, unsuccessfully, destroy their relationship.

After his death Sharia law would only allow her to take one quarter of his property, the three quarters going to his siblings.

It is a truly gripping memoir and will be a wonderful Christmas gift for those people in your life who are interested in the stories of real people and the personal stories behind recent history.

It is published in paperback by Matador at £8.99 and is available from the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, the link to which is here:-

Low Life Lawyer

Low Life Lawyer is the story of the rise and precipitous fall and rise again of a colourful lawyer who is also something of a talent in the world of jazz music, the clarinet being his weapon of choice.

Richard Gregory is his name and the novel is set back in the heady days of the 1950s and 1960s.

The novel comes from the pen of author and retired lawyer and journalist Michael Simmons.

Richard's career as a solicitor had been a stunningly successful one. But things hadn't gone quite to plan, well, in truth there had been a rather spectacular failure that pitched him into the different world of being down and out.

He had, by dint of hard work and a little bit of luck, managed to claw his way back up to some semblance of his previous elevated heights.

But then came a further setback and he had failed to renew his career as a successful solicitor. Well, as any type of solicitor, to be honest.

Yet he still posses his very own slightly careworn piece of paper that announced to the world that he was a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

However, that would only carry a fellow so far. For if anyone were to bother to attempt to verify his credentials with the Law Society they would find that he was not a member in good standing. There was the little matter of not actually having paid his membership dues in a considerable period of time, plus there were some rather, let's say unfortunate, blots of his record at the Law Society.

This is the exceptionally well-crafted and beautifully written novel of what happened after this and what Richard "Dick" Gregory did next.

And also what happened when he met and played with Sidney Bechet.

An ideal Christmas gift for the lover of legal thrillers, it's published by The Book Guild at a rather nifty £7.99 in paperback.

You can buy a copy at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at this link here


The Loony Bin Blues

The Loony Bin Blues is a collection of poems from the pen of Tristram Cooke.

The subject matter is wide ranging and extremely thought-provoking.

What happens to a person if the are "sectioned" and placed in a "loony bin?"

For as the first line of his poem "The Loony Bin Blues" "There ain't no cure for the loony bin blues."

Other subjects dealt with in a lively and succinct fashion are  stigma and prejudice, what happens if people gather around the wrong flag, what it is like to be an underdog in Mexico, what the rise of Jeremy Corbyn looks like to a British person living in Mexico.

We read about poets and where they might gather, our capital city (that's London) the works of William Blake, secularism, how a FE college grew into a university, exchange trips, and much more, besides, plus an interesting poem about the late Amy Winehouse.

The anthology is well-illustrated with colourful pieces of art.

It is published by Matador at £8.99.

It is available for purchase at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at

Latest release from Penguin Books: The Obsidian Throne

Top selling writer J. D. Oswald's fantasy series is reputedly one of the best ever in the history of fantasy writing.

But now with his latest work, J. D. Oswald brings this stunning series to a truly staggering conclusion.

For the Northlands, annihilation is looming.

Will it be utter destruction by the dragons?

Or will it be utter devastation by Queen Beulah?

Either way, things are not looking too promising for the Northlands.

However, beneath the city rests a sectret that the House of Balwen have closely guarded for millennia.

It is a treasure so vast that it is beyond comprehension and beyond counting.

However, in truth only a direct descendent of the original Balwen could open the escape routes from this subterranean cavern.

However, in order to unlock the power of this treasure, Pincess Iowen must needs to claim the Obsidian throne for herself.

At the same time, Errol and Sir Benfro are discovering that their destinies are drawing ever closer together.

In fact the future of all life within the Twin Kingdoms rests in the uneasy hands of these two heroes, unlikely though that might appear.

There must be dreadful betrayals and terrible self-sacrifice. And events will forever change the lives of both boy and dragon.

But who or what will prevail?

This is a perfect conclusion to this stunning series and at only £7.99 for nearly 600 pages will make a wonderful Christmas gift for the fantasy readers in your life.

You can buy it, and the other books in this series, at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at this link here


Monday, 24 October 2016

Titanic Rose Walsh McLean's Story

Titanic Rose Walsh McLean's Story is a novel by Walden DCaprio Carrington which takes a fictional look at the life of Rose Walsh McLean and the time that she spent on board the Titanic.

We read how Molly Brown has decided to thrown a 16th birthday party for Rose Walsh McLean. This was in the May of 1911.

Rose bumps into Cad Carnegie in the foyer of the venue and on the 4th of July, he proposes marriage to her. She accepts his proposal.

Their engagement lasts until April the following year (1912). At this point the wedding party is making the return crossing of the Atlantic from Europe to the United States of America.

Unfortunately they were travelling on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

Rose captivates a handsome steerage passenger by the name of Jake Lawnsan. He is more impecunious than pecunious, but he manages to captivate the youthful young fiancee of another man.

When disaster strikes the ship Rose makes the decision to renounce her betrothal to her fiancee and to throw her lot in with Jake.

She remains with Jake as the ship sinks to its watery grave, taking the name Rose Lawnsan when she boards the Carpathia and she makes the return trip to Denver with Molly.

But in the pocket of her overcoat she has the Blue Heart Diamond necklace that Cad had deposited in the pocket.

Many decades later Rose looks at a TV news broadcast that contains a report of the efforts of Brice Bruhaven who is in charge of the attempts to undertake an excavation of the Titanic wreck site.

Rose realises that now she must tell her story and the story of the man she has always loved.

But Rose realises that there is one more thing that she must do.

This is an interesting novelisation of the James Cameron Titanic film.

Fans of the characters will consider this to be a most excellent Christmas gift, as it goes inot more depth than the part of the story depicted in the film.

It is published by The Book Guild at £8.99 and is available from the That's Books and Entertainment book shop. You'll find it to the right of this book review.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Rendezvous With Death

Rendezvous With Death is the latest novel by former lawyer turned novelist Gil Hogg.

A VIP in the form of a British diplomat has been abducted in Pakistan.

At first it is believed that the kidnapping is a terrorist outrage. But then evidence comes to light that this may not be the case, that the disappearance may have been engineered on behalf of a powerful tycoon with vendetta on his mind.

Nick Dyson is a London-based Barrister who decides to accept an  apparently lucrative position as the personal assistant to an old friend of his, Robert Laidlaw who is employed as a Special Envoy to the Middle East, based in Islamabad.

Unfortunately Robert and his wife Emma and also now Nick have made a bitter personal enemy of an influential tycoon who is based in the city of Islamabad, a man by the name of Gerald Macbeth.

Robert suddenly vanishes and his security guard is discovered, beheaded.

Nicks' suspicions are raised and he begins to believe that Gerald Macbeth, and not 'terrorists' are involved in the murder of the security guard and the disappearance of Robert Laidlaw.

He attempts to persuade Emma to escape from Pakistan with him.

But is Nick all that he seems? And who, exactly, are the guilty ones?

Who are the real sinners? Who the really sinned against?

And what dreadful events from the past have reached their bony fingers down to the present day?

This is a fascinating book with more than a few twists and some rather unexpected turns.

It's a welcome addition to the canon of works of Gil Hogg.

It is priced at £8.99 and is published by Matador and is an excellent stocking filler for the mystery novel fan in your life.

You can buy it from the That's Books and Entertainment book shop and gift shop. You'll find the portal to said shop just to the right hand side of this book review.


Find a Better Life

You can Find a Better Life. That's the promise of author Brian Fitzpatrick.

Throughout much of his life he felt that there was something that was lacking. Something missing.

He took the decision to dig deeper and to consider a new view.

Brian said: "I went in search of answers and finally found the clarity and contentment I had been lacking."

He decided that he would not merely keep what he had discovered to himself, that he would share it with everyone else who was struggling for answers, for a sense of direction.

There's a good deal of information and advice available to us from all types of sources.

But if that is the case, how is it that worry, tension and stress are always so close at hand?

Brain acknowledges that there are many causes for this, but he believes that the major cause is a lack of personal growth. A common problem, he asserts.

Brian's book will help you to take a step back and take in the wider, broader view. To eschew the temptation to just follow the crowd.

Brian feels that we must ask ourselves some deep and penetrating questions, even if this might make us feel somewhat uncomfortable.

But by following the principles in this book you can Find a Better Life.

It is published by Matador at £9.99 and will be a good Christmas gift for the thinker in your life.

You can buy it at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop and gift shop, the portal to which is just to the right of this book review.

You can also find some related music that Brian has created in the store. Just search under "Love & Happiness Brian Fitzpatrick."