Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Something to Tell You

Something to Tell You is the latest novel from David Edwards, who is a bestselling writer.

It's a Speculative Fiction novel and it tells the incredible story of what happens when the planet Earth comes under bombardment from a Higgs Boson particle storm.

This is the story of two families, that of Bert Leinster and his best friend Sam Murray.

The Central Control of the World Council declares that the only way for humanity to survive is for everyone to start living deep under the surface of the planet, where they will be protected by something called The Envelope.

The CCOW cajoles and persuades humanity to hide deep beneath the ground, but Bert is not so certain about the viability of this idea, but how can one man stand against the CCOW can challenge them? Bert certainly cannot do so, but he also cannot grasp why it is only himself who can see that the idea of the CCOW for everyone to have to love deep underground is a lie. And why lie about something like this?

However, it all changes for Bert when he meets Lily. Who, although a very definite her, is also a very definite real live plant. Who becomes his enemy as he fights to save humanity.

But can he save humanity? And if he can, or even if he can't, who or what is he trying to save it from?

And what happens next?

This is a very thought provoking book and is available in hardback from Matador at a very modest £9.99. A must for the holiday suitcase, I'd think.

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