Saturday, 16 December 2017

Without Walls

Without Walls is an interesting memoir from a very interesting figure.

Meet Nilton Toubkin, the founder of the Southbank International School.

His life, was happy though in rather straitened circumstances, when he was born in South Africa.

His life is like that of many people, facing and surmounting a variety of trials and tribulations.

The break-up of his parent's marriage, his mother's suicide attempt and the tragic death of his own daughter at the early age of 19 are some examples.

However, Milton Toubkin is known in the educational world for his creation and operation of the Southbank International School with a number of fellow educationalists.

Even though the school began its life in less than auspicious circumstances (no funding, no financial backing, for example) the school, under his guidance, was able to thrive and prosper, growing in a relatively short period of time into an important place of learning with an International reputation and a unique educational programme.

Milton also tells the story of his marriage to Marj and the joys of becoming a parent and grandparent.

It's an interesting biography and is very well illustrated with a large number of high quality images.

It is published in hardback by Matador at £15.99 and will make an ideal Christmas gift for the biography junkie in your life!

You can buy it here

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