Friday, 22 December 2017

Marvin's Seaside Adventure

Louise Crowther's Marvin's Seaside Adventure tells the story of Marvin. Marvin is an elderly and rather rusty Mini car who has stood, neglected and uncared for, on the forecourt of a rural garage for many years.

Nobody even gave him a second look, he was not loved or even cared for, very much.

However, every week he did have a treat, his regular trip to the carwash. But! One week something truly extraordinary happened to Marvin! He went in his old, rusty self, yet this time he came out transformed back to what he had originally been, a shiny, beautiful Mini car!

He is magically taken to the seaside where he meets up with Larry who is a young lifeboat and they soon become very good friends.

But one day, disaster looms! Larry was showing off in the sea and he soon gets into difficulty!

What can Marvin, his new friend do, to save Larry the Lifeboat?

This is an amazingly fun book for children which is ideal for reading to them and showing them the stunning and super bright illustrations, from Dave Hill.

It's a must buy Christmas stocking filler and you can order it at

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