Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Legacy of a Duelist

Legacy of a Duelist is a novel from author T. C. Sutton.

It opens with a child who is starving and dressed in a few pitiful rags of clothing. He is wandering through some woods, searching for anything that he can eat to assuage his gnawing hunger.

He hears the sounds of voices and laughter coming from within the woods and he spies a scene that bewilders his youthful mind, so different is it from anything he has ever known before.

This chance meeting changes this scrap of a boy's life for ever, as fate intervenes and introduces him to a lifestyle through childhood into adulthood that he could never have dreamed of.

He finds ease, learning and the love of a family, becoming a member of the upper classes of 18th century English society, a far cry from his extremely humble origins.

However, his life is populated by fervent and dedicated foes, enemies who will do anything to bring about his destruction and death.

He must always be on the alert, ready to repel a foe, unable or unwilling to offer anyone his friendship or trust in case they might betray him. 

But will he be able to claim his own legacy after all?

Eventually the novel ends in a thrilling denouement with a duel to the death, where two implacable foes faced each other. But they had both been trained by the same man, so which would win?

This novel is a classic piece of 18th century adventure and is extremely well researched and very well-written. Readers will be taken to the time of duelists and will see and hear a duel to the death. A remarkably enjoyable book. An ideal Christmas present for £8.99 from The Book Guild.

It can be purchased here

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