Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Mag-Iggle, written by John Benneyworth, is a very amusing children's book with excellent illustrations.

It's ideal for parents to read too or with their children and it tells the story of Mag-Iggle as he has to employ a variety of magical spells and potions to come to the assistance of his mother-in-law, Myst-Iggle. Myst-Iggle, who has an unfortunate tendency to mix up her magic and create utter chaos!

Myst-Iggle is flying about, minding her own business, as you do if your a witch. Sharing her broomstick is her greedy  cat (who is also magical)  who is a vegetarian cat who is on a special diet. Which consists of eating nothing but daffodil sandwiches and spinach pie, served up with green custard.

But food is probably the last thing on poor kitty's mind as the cat is becoming more and more broomsick.

Myst-Iggle knows exactly what to do to make poor kitty better! It;s this potion here, right? Wrong! Myst-Iggle accidentally selects the right potion and the wrong words and things go hilariously awry!

But not to worry! Because, as ever, Mag-Iggle comes along to save the day!

This is a really fun read and will have everyone happy to read it this Christmas. It's got to be in the stockings this year, I feel.

And there are a lot of other Iggle books in the series, too, all of which are published by Matador. All of which are aimed at promoting reading by making them fun.

You can order the book here

There's also lots of fun to be had, including pages to colour, at

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