Thursday, 21 December 2017

AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar

Aspergerworld: My Fairy Jam Jar is a new book from Autism activist Joely Colmer through which she shares her own inspirational life story.

The book takes us through the life journey of Joely. From her childhood challenges, to to her successful completion of her education to her current position as a passionate and crusading autism activist and a campaigner working tirelessly to raise awareness amongst the public.

However, there's a good deal more to this book than that. It's also a highly useful resources for people who are living on the Autistic Spectrum, offering them useful tips and hints for coping with their daily lives.

There is also useful information for their family members and for professional health personnel on how they can best offer support and appropriate assistance to the person on the Autistic Spectrum.

It is an extremely thought-provoking and very honest and moving book.

If you have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, have a family member or a friend who is ASD, if you are a teacher, a Doctor, a nurse, a psychologist or a school counsellor, you must buy this book.

Seriously, you must buy this book. There should be copies in every hospital resource library, every school, every doctor's surgery, every university and every FE college throughout the UK.

It is published by Matador at £12.99 and will make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who needs to learn more about Autism.

You can purchase it here

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