Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Tall Tale of Maxwell Anderson

In the novel The Tall Tale of Maxwell Anderson, the plot came in a dream, author Steve Joyce brings his debut novel to the reader.

It tells the story of Maxwell Anderson. Maxwell is a growing lad. And that is the problem, for Maxwell cannot stop growing.

His birth had been difficult and he was fighting for his life. Under the desperate circumstances it was not a surprise that his father leapt at the opportunity to allow a new gene therapy treatment to be used on his son. Even though it was relatively untested, not authorised for use and not licenced.

The new therapy seemed to work on Maxwell, yet this did not come without dire and dreadful consequences. For Maxwell could not stop growing!

His father Mark had suffered the tragic death of his wife during the birth and had to battle against betrayal and heartbreaks as he finds new romance and attempts to provide something like an ordinary life for his extraordinary child.

Mark is not without friends and his friends, long-established friends and new friends he meets along the way offer him love, support and help.

But unbeknown to Mark, all is not as it seems, and he is kept blissfully unaware that some of them are not quite what the appear to be.

As Maxwell continues to grow and his condition becomes even stranger, rival groups attempt to become involved in his case, some even attempt to wrest control of the boy.

But Mark's fierce love for his son and his need to protect him come to the fore and Mark will do anything to protect Maxwell. Anything, no matter how extreme, no matter at what personal cost.

This book is an emotionally charged book which is a truly stunning first novel. Be prepared for some tears when you read this novel.

It's available at £8.99 from Matador and can be bought here

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