Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Devil Gets Lonely Too

This is an anthology of poems written by Liverpool's own Thomas B. Langton.

The poems are described as being "gritty" in nature, so are probably best read by people who are able to cope with life not as they might wish it tog be, but life as it actually is. The underbelly of the society we all live in, the world we all inhabit, but with a slightly, and sometimes not so slightly twisted, view of our society.

Violence, isolation, broken promises, love, hate, fear, sorrow, men, women, monsters, demons and devils.

All of these and many more are to be found as rich subject matter for the probing and witty poetry of Thomas B. Langton.

If you don't like strong language, this book isn't for you. But if you don't mind strong language, these poems will take you on a very memorable journey.

It's the debut of Thomas B. Langton. Here's hoping that Liverpool's new poetic voice will long reign supreme!

It costs £6.99 from Matador and can be purchased here

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