Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Time for Role Call

It is post-war Britain, 1946 to be precise, and former debutante Sally Jardine-Fell, SOE operative is in jail, due to be put on trial for murder. But it is for a murder of which she is innocent.

The reader is invited to follow the twisting path of Sally from blitz-torn London to Yorkshire, where she meets up with the mysterious Adam.

She travels to the Rome of the Fascist regime and to the bedchamber of of member of Mussolini's government, who is her SOE target.

However, for reasons that are entirely beyond her control her operation is aborted and after the overthrow of Mussolini and the allied forces invasion of Italy she leaves Rome to escape Italy.

There follows a series of hairraising adventures as she meets up with German deserters, escaped POWs, a nun, Italian draft dodgers, Adam (again and only briefly) Italian partisans and shepherds.

Eventually back on post-war London a former SOE superior of hers tries to kill her. But (and not by her hand) it is he who ends up dead, and not Sally.

The judge appears bent on virtually ordering the jury to convict her on flimsy circumstantial evidence  and send her to the gallows. And yet, perhaps fate has something else in store?

It's a tightly written novel that carefully blends historical facts and very plausible fiction from previously published author Doug Thompson and is £8.99 from Matador and will make a most excellent Christmas present for fans of his work.

You can purchase it here

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