Sunday, 31 December 2017

Ghostly Witnesses

Ghostly Witnesses is the debut novel from author James. L. Williams.

P.C. Vic Holland has recently undergone a personal tragedy that very nearly took his career as a police officer away from him.

His sure fire advancement to the post of sergeant was now almost certain never to happen and he was still struggling to settle in to a new role at Clapfield where, for no reason that he could easily discern, he had earned the scorn and hatred of his new sergeant, sergeant Proudfoot.

On his way home and thinking of the fish and chip supper he would treat himself to (he really should do something to get himself back into shape) he came across two criminals who had broken into a shop, set fire to it and knocked a pregnant woman and her husband to the floor, Vic gives chase to the criminal duo and he soon realises the folly of his action as they attempt to take his life.

At the last second his life is saved by a stranger who appears just in the nick of time. However, according to the police records the man who fortuitously turned up to save his life was dead and has been so for the past two years.

The result is that vic suddenly finds himself propelled into the midst of his most intriguing and bizarre case of his entire career.

It's a stunner of a detective novel, with more than a few psychic and paranormal twists and turns right up until the ending.

P C Vic Holland is a wonderfully human police officer and a welcome addition to the ranks of fictional police officers and James L. Williams is a great new writer of detective novels. Let's hope this is the first of many novels by James L. Williams featuring P C Vic Holland.

The book is published by The Book Guild and costs £8.99. You can buy here

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