Wednesday, 20 December 2017

In The Shadows

In The Shadows is a new and gripping novel from author E. J. Shaw.

It tells the story of Eden Matthews. Eden is blessed with the talents, looks and the ambition that she needs to succeed as a prima ballerina.

But a simple horseriding accident changes all that. But not in a way that one might think. For after her accident Eden discovers that she is blessed or cursed with special powers and abilities.  Now she can see and communicate with those who have passed over. She can see and speak with the dead.

She does her best to get on with her life, she still wants to be the prima ballerina, so she tries to ignore her new and, from her perspective, unwanted gifts.

But it becomes clear that she has been gifted these extraordinary powers for a specific set of reasons and those who gave her these powers cannot give up on her, cannot allow her to ignore these powers or, indeed, continue to live her previous,  normal existence.

There's a stark choice for Eden. A dance partnership with Dillon, who seems to have more than just a professional interest in Eden?

Or should she take part in a bitter battle between Heaven and Hell that has gone on for a millennium?

There's Zachary who is an embittered soul, who in life was a ballet dancer who had been cruely betrayed.

He seemingly holds Eden in the utmost contempt, yet like a moth to a flame, he keeps being drawn back to her presence.

Eden manages to tread a fine line between both worlds, but will there be a demand for a terrible act of sacrifice?

Does Eden have the determination and willpower to see it through to the end?

But who, exactly was Eden fighting? And why does she end up feeling such fury and rage at the angels? What had they done to earn her enmity and hatred?

And what will happen next?

This is the first book in a new and very compelling series of books by E. J.Shaw, aimed at ages 12 to young adults.

It's a remarkably good read and must be in the Christmas stockings this year!

It's published by Matador at £7.99 and can be ordered here

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