Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Last Squadron

The Last Squadron is a Science Fiction novel set not in the far, distant future, but in the near future.

It's 15 years into our future and the world has generated into a messy globe polarised entirely on religious and ethnic lines. Regional wars have rumbled on for the last 35 years.

97 members of an Allied 9th Mountain Squadron are departing the Northern War Front for a much deserved period of leave.

However, they are shot down over the wilderness of the Nordic fastness.

The survivors have no way of communicating with anyone so they are left to their own devices and, under the guidance and leadership of Natasha Kovalsky and the squadron commander, Major Alexander Burton, they manage to escape the icy wilderness.

But when they reach civilisation, they find that there is now no such thing as civilisation. In their enforced absence, a genetically modified and weaponised viral attack has wiped out the human race.

The world that they knew, flawed though it might have been, has ceased to exist.

This is a stunning debut novel, it grabs a hold of you and refuses to let go. It's clear that the author, Dan Jayson has a military background as he uses his knowledge and experience to bring a nobel that is not only exciting but technically right, too.

Although it is Science Fiction it is of broad interest to all overs of good adventure yarns and I can highly recommend this novel to anyone.

It's from Matador and costs a very reasonable £7.99 and will be a fantastic stocking filler this Christmas. You can order your copy here

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