Friday, 22 December 2017

A New Man

A New Man is an interesting and very important autobiography from Charlie Kiss.

Charlie was a proud feminist and also a proud lesbian.

Charlie admits to having a few vague doubts about her sexuality, but it was with a shock that Charlie realised, one day, that she was not, after all, a woman, or a lesbian, but was, in fact, really a man.

The result of this realisation was that Charlie's life was turned upside down as she became isolated from family and friends, suffered from a complete collapse of her identity and went through periods of mania. She was even homeless for a period of time.

However, Charlie's story is, ultimately, a very inspirational one as it shows how she was able to continue her life without medication.

Eventually, however, Charlie is strong enough to realise that "he" is "her" real identity and so Charlie began to transition from a Lesbian woman into a heterosexual man.

He began to quickly adjust to his new role as a heterosexual male and is now happy in his own body.

It's an inspirational book and a very moving account of what happened to Charlie.

It costs £13.99 and is published by Matador and is available from

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