Wednesday, 20 December 2017

All Change

All Change is a comedic debut novel from author M. M. Purkess.

Our protagonist James is a youthful and aspiring author.

James is renting a somewhat small flat in the less than salubrious apartment building owned by Mrs Mangalino. It was recommended to him by the best friend of his mother as being ideal for a writer. (But why?)

However, James is kidnapped, badly beaten and reapears the next day, though has no recollection of the events or where had had been taken.

This Is followed by a series of other equally inexplicable and unpleasant events and experiences of a similar nature. And why is it that previously perfectly sane, normal people begin to act as if they have become mentally deranged?

And what was the significance of the poisoned fish?

Meanwhile, all is normal in James' home village. Or is it? Because besides the normal pettiness and rivalries that tend to bedevil end of term festivities and the village fete, other things are beginning to stir.

And just what on earth was happening underground? Deep, deep underground?

What is the significance of the terrible subterranean machines? What had caused the floods? Who, or what, are the Sentinels? And who is in control? And what are they in control of, exactly?

This is a novel which is either amusingly terrifying, or terrifyingly amusing. I haven't quite been able to make my mind up quite yet!

The book is published by Matador at £8.99 and will make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who likes a chill and a laugh, sometimes at the same time.

Of special note is the back cover illustrations by J. D. Purkess, which are seriously good.

You can purchase the book here

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