Wednesday, 20 December 2017

At Reception

At Reception is the debut novel of Galahad Porter.

Sally is a lonely person. However, it's a lonely world that she inhabits that is, largely, of her own making.

She is a victim of psychological stress which is, unfortunately, mistreated and unsupported.

She lives alone by choice, with only stuffed toys for company.

She seems locked into a situation that she is unable to break out of. She is, in effect, crippling her life.

Sally works at a hotel and a guest arrives there. This proves to be an event which is a catalyst for helping Sally to become more open to the idea of forming human relationships.

The novel follows Sally's life over a period of three days, and shows how she reacts with guests (such as new arrival John) and other staff members and how Sally's opinions on love, life and relationships begins to develop some interesting changes in her own perception of self and how she perceives other people.

John is a charming man, yet can his charm help Sally come out of her shell and will she be ready to consider going on a serious date with him and potentially developing a relationship with him?

It's a very well written book and will make an excellent Christmas gift for the lover of romantic fiction with a bit of thought behind it.

It's published by Matador at £7.99 and is available to purchase here

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