Saturday, 16 December 2017

Love Never Fails

In his non-fiction book, former nurse Don Snuggs makes an interesting and very compelling account of his experiences as a sole carer.

When he reached 75 years of age, Don Snuggs married a woman who had a progressive medical condition.

She needed a wheelchair to help her get around and requires some assistance with day-to-day tasks and jobs.

Don relates how they were able to cope with life as newlyweds who faced the challenges of their particular lifestyle within the constraints of the health concerns that they lived with.

This book is a well-written account of the triumphs and tragedies  (to coin a phrase!) of the failures and successes.

He also raises the important fact (sometimes unacknowledged by society)  of the sheer dedication and selflessness required of a sole carer.

By now Don is 85 and still caring for his wife. During that time he has come into contact with a number of providers of assistance and support, but unfortunately, some of these encounters have been neither pleasant or positive.

However, Don is taking the time to bring the story of himself and his wife Sandi to the fore so that other sole carers can become aware that they are not alone and that, as Don puts it so well: "love never fails."

This book is published by Matador at £9.99 and should be required reading of everyone in the care industry, who is a sole carer or who has a relative who is a sole carer.

You can buy this book here

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