Sunday, 24 December 2017

From Small Beginnings

From Small Beginnings is a poetical book from the pen of London-born but Irish citizen, Sean Notyeats.

It's a very interesting book which really belongs on the bookshelf of any writer, poet, or teacher of creative writing.

For it is an exploration of the beginning of Sean's journey as a poet.

He examines lyrics from 21st century hip-hop, 19th century comedy operettas and flower power era songs ands explains how,  at the commencement of his journey through poetry, he regarded poetry as an extension of song. But as he continued his research he modified his viewpoint.

He asks an important question "Why be a poet or a storyteller?"  and makes a good and praiseworthy effort to provide some answers.

There are sixty poems covering a wide range of subjects from the condition of the United Kingdom, sex, the situation in Europe, America, Canada, Death, Australasia, business and several others, including wizards.

It's described as an "anti-textbook" but it is this reviewer's opinion that this book should definitely be a required text for all creative writing classes throughout the land.

It's published by The Book Guild at £7.99 and can be ordered here

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