Friday, 22 December 2017

Mary Darling

Mary Darling is a debut novel from L M d'Mello.

The protagonist of the novel, is Mary Darling who was found abandoned on the steps of a hospital very soon after her birth.

Marey spends the first part of her life in the care system until she is adopted by Tom and Susan who lost their own daughter in a tragic accident.

Her new parents do their best to make her life a happy and contented one, but school bullies do their best to hurt Mary. However, a totally unexpected ally comes to her rescue.

But Mary's life is utterly transformed when she realises that she has an amazing power. She can not only communicate with animals, she also has the ability to heal them, too.

She then proceeds to help save the animals of the world from harm, cruelty and the ever-present danger of extinction.

She must fight against an array of dangerous enemies who mean harm to not only the animals of the world but also to Mary, herself.

This is the first part of a trilogy of books published by Matador.

The book costs £9.99 and is an excellent and entertaining way of bringing the plight of the animal kingdom to children and adults and will make a great Christmas gift.

You can order your copy here

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