Saturday, 16 December 2017

Steal Big: Vatican City

Steal Big: Vatican City is a new crime novel from crime writer Sean O'Driscoll.

The Mastermind. Remember him? After a year of living a blissful existence with the woman of his dreams (as they say) he is back, refreshed and with a newer and even more audacious scheme.

He doesn't have to steal, not any longer. Not if he doesn't want to. But, what if he does want to? What if he now just wants to steal because he can? What if he will now steal just for fun?

So, his next step is to plan the biggest, most daring robbery since Captain Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels of England. The Mastermind aims to go one better and rob the Vatican City itself.

He makes his meticulous plans and sets them to work, ensnaring people inot his schemes, willingly or not.

However, all is not to go as The Mastermind might have desired. For it is a little known fact that the Inquisition is still in operation and takes a dim view of The Mastermind and his plans.

Plus there is the fact that, following the stalling of his career when he previously failed to capture The Mastermind, FBI agent Ben Fox is after The Mastermind with revenge in his heart.

But what exactly is there to steal at The Vatican? And how come The Pope doesn't know about some of the treasures that are hidden there? What dirty secrets are there to be uncovered?

And when the world finds out exactly what The Mastermind has done, how will it react? With anger and outrage, yes. But who will the anger and outrage be aimed at? The Mastermind, or will it be directed somewhere else?

It's an exciting crime novel where there are criminals. But they might not be exactly who you think they are.

It's suggested this book is inspired by Dan Brown. If only Dan Brown could write as well as Sean O'Driscoll!

It's published by Matador at £8.99 and has to be on your Christmas present list! You can buy it here

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