Sunday, 31 December 2017


Reflections is an interesting memoir from Robin Beazley. Interesting because of what Robin's life intersected with and interesting because it is a totally honest memoir. Which is not always the case with autobiographical accounts!

He was born  in Greece to a Greek mother and a Canadian father in 1937. He spent the majority of his life living in Africa where he undertook several different occupations such as a geologist, an  accountant and a liquidator. 

He eventually moved to England in the year 2000.

He and his fourth wife now live in Hertfordshire and Robin is retired.

His childhood was interesting to say the least, growing up in war-torn Athens, living through the Nazi occupation, bombing raids and the like.

He was also interested in discovering the genealogy of his family and he gives candid reflections on his work life, his varied careers. Much of his time in Africa was spent in Zimbabwe.

He animatedly and with great humour describes his romantic relationships and the incidents, some amusing, some enthralling that took place during his professional life.

It's published by the Book Guild at £9.49 and can be purchased at

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