Saturday, 16 December 2017

Where Peacocks scream

Where Peacocks Scream is a fantastic adventure novel for young adults set on a magical isle not far from the Riverside public house.

The story is told from the point of view of Daniel Williams who lives at the pub with his family.

The pub is connected by a bridge to a path of wild land called The Island. Daniel likes to consider The Island as his own, special domain. He is friends with Josh and Chloe, the daughter of the boatman.

He is also very keen on the peacocks and peahens that live at The Riverside.

The opening of the story is tinged with sadness for Cora, who is Daniel's favourite peahens, has died and Daniel decides that he will bury her on The Island, in secret.

During the summertime, whilst he is on the riverside, fishing, Daniel notices that he is being watch by a mysterious man who habitually wears a white cap. He is photographing Daniel.

It transpires that the man is called Frank Jasper and he turns up The Riverside pub to stay as a guest. Whilst there he begins to make Daniel's life very uncomfortable and miserable indeed.

But why? What is Frank Jasper up to? He brought peacock feathers inot the pub one night. Why did he do that?

Does Frank Jasper have evil designs on The Riverside pub and The Island? If so, what are his plans? Why does he thirst for revenge? And does Frank Jasper know things about the past?

And more to the point, can Daniel thwart his plans for revenge?

Valerie Mendez has done it again with this excellent mystery novel which will be a hit with both young and old.

There are also some interesting subplots and not everyone close to Daniel might be entirely as they seem.

It's an ideal Christmas gift and at £8.99 from the Book Guild, it's worth every penny!

You can buy it here

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