Saturday, 23 December 2017

Much Needed Rain

Much Needed Rain is a gripping debut crime thriller from R. G. Oram.

David Lewelyn is an extraordinary person. He knows when you are lying. Every single time. You can try to control your breathing, make your expression as neutral as you can, but it doesn't matter. He'll know if you are lying.

However, things come closer to home for David when Hannah who he employed as his secretary is found dead in her apartment. She had been bound hand and foot and her murderer had slashed her body repeatedly. 

Because he was with her at her apartment mere hours before she was killed, the LAPD immediately suspect him of being the killer. 

But his DNA does not match the DNA of the killer that had been found in the apartment. In fact, there is no match for the killer's DNA on the National Database.

But does this mean that he should be ruled out as a suspect? Should he be allowed to provide his expertise to the police investigators, under the circumstances? After all, as her employer, he knew her better than anyone else.

Whatever suspects the police manage to find all seem to have incontrovertible alibis. 

However, the truths that they finally uncover are perhaps worse than they could ever have imagined and they discover that murder can be either a game or a very lucrative business.

And that sometimes there are people who just can't be trusted.

This is a very good debut thriller and it's to be hoped that this is the first of many books from R. G. Oram.

It will make a gritty thriller of a Christmas present for the thriller fan in your life. You can order a copy here

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