Sunday, 3 December 2017

William the Hedgehog Boy

In William the Hedgehog Boy author Robert A. Brown presents a children's novel that is an entertaining read but which also brings to their attention the plight of one of our best-loved animals, the Hedgehog.

William is out for a walk and he finds a gang of boys who are throwing sticks at a poor, defenceless hedgehog. 

With considerable bravery and daring, William rushes at the gang and chases them away from the injured hedgehog.

He takes the animal to a veterinary clinic and he help the hedgehog, who is now named "Lucky" back to health.

William is, understandably, upset when the vet tells William that Lucky must be released back into the wild.

Lucky makes the journey back to her den, yet she is confronted by a monster with sharp fangs! And a monster of a hedgehog!

Injured and bewildered Lucky manages to crawl away and finds herself a large pile of wood which she decides will make an ideal home for her to hibernate in.

William is searching for Lucky, but he is miserable. He is also in trouble with his stepfather because of his continued attempts to find his hedgehog friend.

But suddenly everything is changed for William by a dramatic phone call. William is compelled to launch himself into desperate and heroic action.

Can he save the life of both a boy and his best friend, Lucky?

This is a very good read and will make a wonderful Christmas present for both children and the adults who will buy it!

It's to be hoped this will be the first of many books from wild-life photographer Robert A. Brown.

It's published by Matador at £7.99 and can be bought here

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