Sunday, 14 October 2018

Untangling the Webs

Untangling the Webs is a romantic novel from Joy Pearson.

It details the lives of four women and the men in their lives.

There's Alison, she's single and is an interior designer, there's Julia, she is married and works as a beautician, Trudie, who is a widowed stress counsellor and Phoebe who is a widow of independent means.

With the assistance of a sympathetic and loyal confidante these women must cope with shocking events, unwanted and persistent attention, deceit, bad behaviour and infidelity.

The novel effortlessly moves between Cheshire, Cornwall and Worcestershire and Provence in France.

It explores how people can cope with life when things begin to become a little tough, how a little bit of empathy, a smidgen of humour, a dash of determination and the unconditional support of good friends can go a long way to helping untangle the webs of life so that they can know peace, joy and happiness once again.

It's a thoughtful romantic novel with elements of mystery and is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

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