Sunday, 14 October 2018


Doctored is shocking a sadly very truthful account of the abuse suffered by a survivor of the abuse
by a medical professional.

It is written by the survivor, Polly A. Magena. It tells a heartrending story of the emotional neglect, verbal attacks and neglect and rejection from her adoptive mother.

Polly then suffered domestic abuse and eventually serial rape form her once valued and trusted medical doctor.

Vulnerable and traumatised, Polly was then subjected to utterly ruthless exploitation.

She was rejected and betrayed by both her family and friends. However, the doctor was acquitted by the legal system.

Polly then became what she described as a one-woman campaign to try to get exposure for the truth of what had happened to her, including medical malpractice and medical misconduct.

This is a traumatic book and shows how the indomitable spirit cannot be snuffed out. THe author has written it in order to help fellow survivors.

It is published bu Matador at £10.99. 

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