Monday, 15 October 2018

To Tame the Sentry Being

To Tame the Sentry Being is a fantasy novel from Michael Georgiou which is set amongst members of the human race, in the distant reaches of the Universe.

It is set on the planet Vena. Humanity is in a state of perpetual war over territories that are considered to be sacred with a race called the Alpelites. All this is under the watchful eye of the god Medzu.

The story begins with Syros and Ednon, brothers who are living with Ira, their grandfather who is a famed visionary and pacifist.

Syros is, naturally, enraged over the events that caused their parents to lose their lives. He seeks vengeance upon the Alpetites, who he blames for what happened.

However, Ednon, who is more idealistic, sets his sights on bringing an end to the war. But he will so whatever it takes to keep his brother safe and secure.

However, whilst in the Grand Library of Asterleigh, the golden city, Ednon has an encounter with a ghostly presence which reveals to him that at the next Passing of Sechen, the world will be brought to an end.

As a result, his life becomes infused with visionary appearances.

But was the vision to be trusted? Will the world come to an end? Which brother will succeed?

This book is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

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