Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Back to Basics Diet

The Back to Basics Diet In the 2018 edition of his book, David Hack reveals what he assures his readers is the secret to sustained and healthy weight loss.

Like many people, David Hack had a health scare. However, unlike most other people under these circumstances, David Hack was able to do something about it by writing his book.

Dieting, David realised, was not enough, so he decided to head back to University to learn about the answers to his failing health.

He learnt about biochemistry, human biology, anatomy and evolution. Based on the information that he obtained, he was able to create the Back to Basics diet.

Which is, he declares, an effective programme of weight loss based on modern science and evolution.

He examines and dismisses the advice of some experts which is to eat less and to move more. He feels that although well-intended, is misguided.

His diet calls for plant-based eating and for daily exercise which is gentle, rather than strenuous.

He removes the hype and the confusing rhetoric that surrounds many modern diets and he shows readers how they can start to lose weight and to keep it off, too.

The Seven Weeks programme even contains some Delicious recipes, too.

It's published by Matador at £10.00.

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