Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Spider Zero Seven

Spider Zero Seven is Mike Borlace's own very personal memoirs of life as a combat helicopter pilor with the Rhodesian Defence Force during that country's civil war during the 1970s.

Although small, the RDF was a highly professional army and, as he points out, helicopters played a very important role in the operations of the RDF whilst fighting against Communist backed guerrilla forces such as those of Robert Mugabe.

An experienced helicopter pilot with training from the RAF and the Royal Navy, Mike was an operational commando helicopter pilot and special forces soldier.

In 1974 he was recruited to join the Rhodesian Air Force and although he was initially expected to pilot Hawker Hunter planes, his experience as a combat helicopter pilot saw him moved over to 7 (Helicopter) Squadron which was becoming very heavily enmeshed in the war against terrorists, meaning they were desperate for trained helicopter pilots.

He served with  the squadron for exactly 1,096 days, of which a total of 793 were on active combat missions.

327 of these days was as the pilot of helicopter gunships, and a fireforce commander. During which he had 149 enemy contacts. He also undertook many casualty evacuations (casevacs) and also nearly 100 operations involving the Rhodesian SAS, the Selous Scouts and the Rhodesian Light Infantry Commandos on cross-border raids.

He was shot down five times and received wounds twice and was presented with the Silver Cross.

After he left the Rhodesian Air Force in 1978 he joined the crack and top secret Selous Scouts special forces unit.

After being kidnapped whilst working as an undercover operative in Zambia he was subjected to such a brutal regime of torture that the High Court of Zambia was 'horrified' by what he had undergone, so released him, only for the government to immediately re-arrest him.

Eventually he was released and deported to London.

In 1982 he began a new career as a private military adviser to various Western-backed allies, globally. Some of the enemies he helped deal with, such as the Sierra Leone Revolutionary United Front, were committing unspeakable atrocities against children and civilians.

The book is written in a warm and humorous tone, but it pulls no punches whatsoever and is one heck of an action-packed, exciting read.

It really does belong on the bookshelf of any self-respecting student of military history.

It is published by Matador at £12.99.

Far Far the Mountain Peak a Bumpy Journey

Far Far the Mountain Peak a Bumpy Journey is a new novel from Arthur Clifford. Long time readers of this review emporium will recall Arthur's previous novel Far Far the Mountain Peak which introduced us to John Denby.

We left John as he was coming to terms with his adolescence in the 1980s.

We pick up John's story when John is now attending a private school. Like many people John has struggles with life. He is mystified, to coin a phrase, by his sexuality and this, in part, might be a reason why he seems to have problems with his relationships.

John's desperate to be accepted by his circle of friends, but he seems to sense that he needs to keep some sort of distance from them, for fear of exposing his true inner self to them.

He fears, justifiably or not, you must decide, that some of the people who he should be able to rely on for support might not, after all, always have his best interests at heart.

John's life is, as usual, a little bit too interesting for his own good and after an incident takes place that unsettles him, he decides to set off on a big adventure.

Because this, he feels, will help him make something of his life, help him to become more self aware and more knowledgeable about the big, wide world and also himself.

But, of course, this is all a backdrop, of a sort, for his beloved mountaineering.

This is, of course, only a little further along the long and winding mountain path that is John's life. Let's stick around for the rest of the journey!

It's published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

The Folded Notes

The Folded Notes is an historical romance set in the 19th century.

Catherine Rose is an Englishwoman who is travelling with her mother to India to meet her father who is working at Punjab University.

However, fate intervenes and she meets a newly qualified Sikh engineer called Kharak, who works for the Indian Railways.

They fall in love with each other, but will destiny, in the shape of her father and a colonial engineer by the name of Ivan, conspire against the lovers?

They are separated, but they meet again in Mombasa because Catherine has followed her lover there.

But they have been followed by others who have evil on their minds.

Who will win? Who will lose?

I will not give the story away, but I can recommend this book as a truly breathtaking historical romance.

It is published by Matador at £9.99.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Brutal Terminations

Brutal Terminations is a new mystery novel from Cherith Baldry.

A team of workmen who are digging the foundations for an extension to the library at St Clement's College, Oxford, are shocked when they stumble upon the skeletal remains of a woman.

Gawaine St Clair is an amateur detective (who seems to have this role thrust upon him, somewhat unwillingly, it has to be said) is a former undergraduate at the college.

When he arrives in Oxford he is told that the remains were buried some three decades before, and that the woman had been with child at the time of her death.

A don, Richard Templeman is reported to be missing. His corpse is subsequently discovered.

Naturally Gawaine's suspicions fall on men who were at the college 30 years before.

With the death of the don, he believes that only those men who are still at the college 30 years later could have been responsible for the death of the woman and of Templeman.

These include Stephen Verner, Father Gerard, the chaplain, the creepy head porter, Heatherington, the bursar Colonel Morrison and Dr Porteous.

There's a letter that gives Gawaine a clue as to the potential identity of the murder victim and the identity of her lover.

Eventually, he is pretty certain that he has found the identity of the killer. But there are two things. Firstly, is he correct in his deduction? Secondly, will he be able to live to tell his tale?

This is a remarkably well-written mystery novel and I am glad to have found another mystery voice in Cherith Baldry. Another author for me to keep an eye out for!

It's published by Matador at £8.99.

Seven Shades of J

Seven Shades of J is the memoir by Jean Riley, written with the assistance of Lesley Halliwell.

From a "highly strung" child to someone diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder only took the heartbreaking divorce from her first husband, the father of her two children, who, it transpired was much worse than the flirt he appeared to be.

He kept the marriage sexless, whilst having serial affairs with people who Jan should have been able to rely on. Well, ween't they supposed to be her friends? Apparently not, as it turned out.

This caused her to be prescribed Haloperidol, which removed her zest for life. As a result Jean took the decision to stop taking prescription medications until some sexual encounters in Tunisia brought her to the conclusion that some form of prescription medications would be advisable.

A female psychiatrist was able to help her sort out some medications that would help moderate her condition, but also allow her to retain a sense of self.

The book is an honest and forthright account of, to borrow an expression, "a life well lived" or at least, a life lived very interestingly.

Some of her problems resulted from her mental health, but others were inflicted upon her as a direct result of the actions of other people. Her first husband, and her second husband who died in the throws of sexual ecstasy. Unfortunately whilst he was with his rather submissive secretary.

The story of the funeral and the ashes including a holiday in Bali is both moving and also tinged with humour, which brought her to yet another wedding.

Unlike some memoirs from people with bipolar conditions this book is remarkably cheery and filled with the zest for life that Jean mentioned.

I can highly recommend it.

It's published by Matador at £8.99.

The Gilded Ones

It's a hot day in 1984 and Pulse, who is an intuitive designer who has two job interviews to attend.

The first interview is with a company that is very busy and very mainstream. The second is with what appears to be a deserted practice based within an old London house, owned by Patrick Lloyd-Lewis, whose wife, Freia died recently, in circumstances that have yet to be fully explained.

Pulse comes to the startling realisation that he had dreamt about Frie's death only the night before. As a result he feels a compulsion to help solve the mystery of her death. So he accepts theo ffer of a job from Patrick.

When he does a little digging into the personal life of Patrick, Pulse realises that he is under some degree of suspicion from those closest to him.

A shocking link between Patrick, Freia and a gangster who had previously been encountered in the North, Pulse wonders if, perhaps, Patrick might have been involved, or to be responsible in some way?

 Could Pulse discover the identity of the murderer before they commit further murders? Can Pulse keep himself safe?

This is a gritty psychological crime novel from designer turned author Brooke Fieldhouse. This is his debut novel.

It's published by Matador at £9.99.

Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets is a highly useful self-help book from Savi McKenzie-Smith who has been a psychotherapist for in excess of three decades.

It is a comprehensive look at a range of real life accounts from people who were able to use psychotherapy to rid themselves of conditions such as anxiety and depression to enhance and improve their lifestyles.

The author takes her readers through an easy to read step-by-step guide into the theories behind "talking therapy" and its practical applications, all with the intent of helping people change their lives for the better.

Savi makes an interesting point. She questions if the "innumerable" books out there that tell people to feel good and use positive thinking to improve their lives actually work? After all, she wonders, how can a person achieve this goal if they are feeling low, anxious or depressed?

The boom is split into different sections covering different aspects of the theories of psychotherapy, how negative memories  can come back to haunt a person, often many years later and how, with support, these issues can be resolved.

The book is published by Matador at £9.99.

Star Matters

Star Matters is a new science fiction adventure novel from David John West.

There are some people on Earth who think we have been visited by alien visitors. Some promulgators of conspiracy theories claim that our governments are fully aware of the truth of these alien visitations, but are deliberately keeping the rest of humanity in the dark. The conspiracy theorists are entirely correct.

In times long past, the nascent human race on planet Earth came to the attention of a race known as the Dawn of Gaya, due to its spiritual awareness.

A number of specially chosen Guides were sent to the planet Earth, and have remained amongst humanity ever since, offering assistance with all significant philosophical and technological advances and discoveries.

Member of the race known as Dawn of Gaya, Amily has been given the role of secretly and discretely preparing the human race for the time when it will be ready for joining with the more advanced human races that are covering the galaxy.

However, the Spargar are a race that are rivals to the Dawn of Gaya. Their only aim is to trap and ensnare emerging races into their system, locking them into their technological and computing network.

The Spargar plan to invade planet Earth for their own nefarious purposes. But not if Amily, born of human and Gaya parentage and the race of Gaya have anything to do with it.

This book is published by Matador at £9.99.

Hands, the Archilles' Heel

In Hands, the Archilles' Heel, Peter Ffitch takes us through a startling theory of evolution of the role of humanity in the natural hierarchy.

The author points out that from an early age he had been struck by how little we understand the concept of human nature.

He argues that academics and scholars have struggled with this concept for 3,000 years, yet he feels we are nowhere near to resolving the basic dilemma of why were are so different from the animals of the world.

In his book he argues that evolution is not what we have been taught it is, that the view of humanity's role in evolution is "grandiose."

He feels that, erroneously, other books on human evolution and our hands have concentrated on our abilities to manipulate objects and to create artefacts.

In Hands, the Archilles' Heel, he argues that what he describes as "the much darker side to the use of hands" has, so far, not been disclosed.

He argues that the use of our hands has resulted in us becoming the most tense and fearful species that has ever lived, resulting in our "desecration"  of the planet.

The book is published by Matador at £15.00.

To Tame the Sentry Being

To Tame the Sentry Being is a fantasy novel from Michael Georgiou which is set amongst members of the human race, in the distant reaches of the Universe.

It is set on the planet Vena. Humanity is in a state of perpetual war over territories that are considered to be sacred with a race called the Alpelites. All this is under the watchful eye of the god Medzu.

The story begins with Syros and Ednon, brothers who are living with Ira, their grandfather who is a famed visionary and pacifist.

Syros is, naturally, enraged over the events that caused their parents to lose their lives. He seeks vengeance upon the Alpetites, who he blames for what happened.

However, Ednon, who is more idealistic, sets his sights on bringing an end to the war. But he will so whatever it takes to keep his brother safe and secure.

However, whilst in the Grand Library of Asterleigh, the golden city, Ednon has an encounter with a ghostly presence which reveals to him that at the next Passing of Sechen, the world will be brought to an end.

As a result, his life becomes infused with visionary appearances.

But was the vision to be trusted? Will the world come to an end? Which brother will succeed?

This book is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

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Simply Modern Life

Simply Modern Life is a new collection of satirical poems from retired educationalist, novelist and blogger Claire Baldry.

This collection of poetry is a look at modern life. From the very subject of poetry itself, to the very loud use of mobile phones on public transport, the good old days, where they so good, after all?

The problem of school bullying, mobility through our ages, the problems of the AGM (very, very relateable for anyone who has ever suffered through an AGM).

School inspections, the Internet, including a warning about Internet trolls.

The poems are illustrated by Amber Gee.

The book is published by Matador at £5.50.

The Sorceress and the Postgraduate

The Sorceress and the Postgraduate is a new novel from Clive Heritage-Tilley that combines historical fact with fantasy and magic.

In 1497 Albrecht Durer produces his famed Four Witches engraving. However, in truth there were five women, not four, all of whom were sorceresses. They had all been condemned to death, but it was decided that the youngest of the five, an English girl called Constance, should not die and the other sorceresses cast a spell upon her to suspend her in time.

Many centuries later an Oxford University student decides that he is going to steal an interesting object from the Pitt Rivers Museum, with the aim of furthering his studies.

However, what happens next plunges him into an amazing world where everything he thinks he knows is probably wrong and he discovers that magic is something that is very, very real.

He finds out that his search for historical facts are replaced by a need to search for secrets that have been locked away for many centuries.

Can he and his new assistant survive and thrive in this stunning new world? Read this book to learn more!

It's published by Matador at £9.99.

Poetic Justice The Dawning

Poetic Justice The Dawning is a debut thriller novel from Fran Raya.

Randal Forbes is a very special man with a very special power. He has a towering genius and he has a stunningly powerful telepathic ability.

But he is not like a fictional superhero. Because he is not governed by some superhero creed for good. Forbes uses his unique powers to destroy those he considers to be his enemies without any feelings of guilt or concern.

This is the first novel in a new series that follows his life from birth until his late teens.

He uses his psychic abilities to control his unaware family, coercing him to become his loyal followers.

He employs his powers to ensure that he gets what he wants. If he considers that someone is standing against him or getting in his way he will remove them or maim them.

Who would be able to dare stand against him? Someone with similar levels of psychic powers? But is there anyone in the whole world who could challenge him?

This book is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

Border Monkeys

Border Monkeys is a novel about a post-apocalyptic world written by Tharun Chelley.

It follows the life of Layton, a person born into a future world where civilisation has totally broken down, and modern society has all but vanished.

In Leicester a group of motorcycle outlaws, the Border Monkeys are reportedly running riot, doing whatever they want, taking whatever they desire.

Layton is an outsider who is trapped in the middle of this maelstrom. Who should he side with? Or should he stand against?

He is fully aware that he needs friends who he can trust and who he can rely on, but who should he side with? Who an he really trust with his life?

Will he make the right choices? Make the right decisions? And even if he does, can he make a difference?

This is an interesting take on the dystopian novel format ans is published by The Book Guild at £8.00.


Doctored is shocking a sadly very truthful account of the abuse suffered by a survivor of the abuse
by a medical professional.

It is written by the survivor, Polly A. Magena. It tells a heartrending story of the emotional neglect, verbal attacks and neglect and rejection from her adoptive mother.

Polly then suffered domestic abuse and eventually serial rape form her once valued and trusted medical doctor.

Vulnerable and traumatised, Polly was then subjected to utterly ruthless exploitation.

She was rejected and betrayed by both her family and friends. However, the doctor was acquitted by the legal system.

Polly then became what she described as a one-woman campaign to try to get exposure for the truth of what had happened to her, including medical malpractice and medical misconduct.

This is a traumatic book and shows how the indomitable spirit cannot be snuffed out. THe author has written it in order to help fellow survivors.

It is published bu Matador at £10.99. 

The Distant Hills

In The Distant Hills it is 1689 and England and France are about to be plunged into war.

Philip Devalle is upset at this prospect, as he is half English and half French.

Philip, known for his efforts to ensure that King William III became the King of England, during the Glorious Revolution, is safe and secure. At least for the moment. But all his scheming and plotting have garnered him a variety of enemies.

King Louis, King of France, sends an invitation to Philip to meet with him. This intrigues Philip, who previously worked for King Louis in the past, he decides to take the risk of travelling to meet with the King in Versailles.

After all, the meeting might prove to be to his advantage. After all, what on earth could possibly go wrong? Because he has no enemies in France.

Unfortunately this proves to wrong and his very life is endangered in France.  He must seek to discover who wishes him dead and seek revenge against them.

But who wants him dead? Might it even be King Louis himself?

Whoever it is, Philip must seek them out. And kill them, before they can kill him.

The book is published by Matador at £9.99.

Aberystwyth Boy

Aberystwyth Boy is a collection of short stories from Gwynn Davis which are set in rural West Wales.

Gwynn Davis is a native Welsh speaker the magical tone of the Welsh language shines through all of these stories.

The stories are set during the 1950s and 1960s and look at the world through the eyes of Gareth who is a teenage boy, who, as teenage boys tend to do, sees everything around him, but sometimes does not fully comprehend all that he sees.

There's the story of a new game called Aberystwyth, a story featuring the local airport (probably with the shortest airport runway in the world) a local airport that might or might not exist, you'll have to read the book to learn the truth about that one!

There's stories of love won and lost, of relatives deemed untrustworthy by other adults, the death of a beloved relative, a visit of a prince and many other interesting pieces of the life of a teenage boy living in rural West Wales.

It's a first rate collection of stories and deserves to be widely read by people from Wales, people who have holidayed in Wales, people who only heard of Wales in passing or who have never heard of Wales before.

It is published by Matador Books at a remarkably reasonable £7.95.

Untangling the Webs

Untangling the Webs is a romantic novel from Joy Pearson.

It details the lives of four women and the men in their lives.

There's Alison, she's single and is an interior designer, there's Julia, she is married and works as a beautician, Trudie, who is a widowed stress counsellor and Phoebe who is a widow of independent means.

With the assistance of a sympathetic and loyal confidante these women must cope with shocking events, unwanted and persistent attention, deceit, bad behaviour and infidelity.

The novel effortlessly moves between Cheshire, Cornwall and Worcestershire and Provence in France.

It explores how people can cope with life when things begin to become a little tough, how a little bit of empathy, a smidgen of humour, a dash of determination and the unconditional support of good friends can go a long way to helping untangle the webs of life so that they can know peace, joy and happiness once again.

It's a thoughtful romantic novel with elements of mystery and is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table

Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table is another first rate children's novel from Martyn Blunden, featuring Charlie Green, everyone's favourite time traveller.

Charlie has a magic plane that can whisk him back in time to any period so when an elderly man in a museum shows him so secret parchments which contains a confession from Merlin, King Arthur's adviser and court wizard, and a revelation about some skulduggery and treason within Camelot, Charlie realised that something terrible must have happened back in the times of King Arthur and the Knights of the round Table.

Charlie decides that he will have to travel back in time to correct a very ancient wrong. To disprove the lie that Sir Lancelot betrayed King Arthur.

But when he arrives back in time, Charlie realises that he is really quite ignorant about the century he is visiting and finds it very hard indeed to get anyone to listen to him.

He discovers that the answers he seeks are locked away on Avalon, the magical island. A magical island that is highly guarded to keep its secrets safe from prying eyes.

But Avalon has not met the likes of Charlie before and Charlie is dedicated to ensuring that he successfully completes his mission.

Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table is published by Matador at £8.99 and will make a super Christmas present for children of all ages.

The Egg and the Family

The Egg and the Family is a remarkable first-hand account by Steve Green, who shares the pioneering early days of IVF treatment.

Steve Green, PhD, is a Clinical Embryologist who is widely considered as being one of the founders of  modern embryology.

In his book he charts his own personal journey of working at the leading edge of IVF research.

From life as a homeless teenager in Grimsby to a leading IVF pioneer, Steve's story is a truly fascinating one.

Despised by his father who threw him out of the family home at 16 for the crime of wanting to better himself by seeking an education, he had a difficult start, but Steve was determined that he would obtain an education and escape the typical working class life that was the fate of his contemporaries.

And so he did, becoming a laboratory technician and working hard to establish himself as a leading authority on IVF, and the author of in excess of 50 academic papers on the subject.

He helped many thousands of people become parents, but this was not without costs to his person life.

It is an interesting, compelling and highly personal account of what it was like to be an IVF pioneer.

The book really needs to be on the shelf of any MD who deals with infertile couples and any student of embryology.

It's published by The Book Guild at £8.99. 

Times and Places

Times and Places is an interesting novel from Keith Anthony.

It is a decade since the death of Justine, the daughter of Fergus and his wife, Sylvie. Fergus is bedevilled by anxiety and he and his wife decide to take a cruise.

On the cruise Fergus meets a wide variety of characters, some he finds interesting and enchanting, others irritate him or even leave him feeling disgusted.

He begins to feel conflicting emotions and a whole chain of rather bizarre happenings on board the ship leaves him feeling even more anxious than before.

By the clever use of flashbacks Keith Anthony explores the life of Justine, her romance (albeit short lived) the way that she lost her life and a subsequent police investigation into her death is begun.

Meanwhile, back in the present day on the cruise ship, Fergus finds himself at a mental breaking point, convinced that he has done something truly terrible.

Has he done something truly terrible? Even if he has not, by the time the ship returns to port, his life will have been changed for ever.

It's a quirky, character-driven novel which is also emotionally charged, so do expect to have a few moist eyes, at least.

It's published by The Book Guild at £9.49.

Fire and Honey

Fire and Honey is a novel by C J Evans that is set in the Caribbean.

Susan and Andrea believe that they deserve romance and adventure, plus something to distance themselves a little form their troubled pasts.

And so it is that the two women decide to seek both adventure and romance amongst the Caribbean islands.

And, as if by magic, they meet two utterly charming men and all seems set fair for the romance and adventure that they were craving.

Or does it? Because things are never quite what they seem and soon the two women find themselves drawn into a web of mystery, intrigue and lies, where past evils lurk beneath the surface and ancient curses seem to hold sway and threaten to engulf everyone they come into contact with.

Will Susan and Andrea survive and find happiness? Or will they be destroyed by the dark forces that swirl around them?

This book is published by The Book Guild at £7.99.

The Hanging Women

The Hanging Women is a mystery novel from John Mead. It's a mystery novel with a difference, for it is set against the backdrop of the Chicago of 1886.

Retired Sheriff Jack Stevens makes a grim discovery, the corpses of two young women, one white, one black, hanging from chains in a warehouse.

The position they are in denotes that their killer had thought them guilty of treachery.

Who were the women? Who had determined that they had to die?

Stevens feels duty bound to participate in the investigation, even though he is formally retired. The case is a convoluted one, and it quickly sucks him into a dangerous world of extremists, notorious street gangs battling for supremacy in Chicago and dubious undercover spies and detectives.

With the infamous Haymarket riots and bombings to contend with along with the actions of the city's largest and most deadly street gang, the Dead Hands, can Stevens track the killers down before things really start to get out of hand?

This is an exciting mystery novel and it is clear that John Mead has researched his subject matter very well and has brought the Chicago of the 1880s to life.

Friday, 12 October 2018

AFC Liverpool, sponsored by Laduma on why people should support Non-Leag...

Lady Frances

Lady Frances is the first detailed biographical account of the life of an extraordinary woman, Lady Frances Balfour, one of the main figures behind the votes for women campaign.

She had been interested in politics from an early age, but was stumped from having any real, meaningful involvement in the world of politics because, as with all women of her generation, she was not allowed to participate in democracy because she did not have the power of the vote.

In 1889 she began campaigning for the rights of women to vote (suffrage) and she was the key lobbyist in the Houses of Parliament.

She battled for the rights of women to be able to obtain work with reasonable incomes, to defend the rights and safety of women lured to London by fraudsters, she joined a variety of government committees to fight for changes in the unfair divorce laws, supporting hospitals for women an,d of course, the right to vote for women.

However, although her role was of vital importance to the movement, Joan B. Huffman came to realise that Lady Frances Balfour was the only leader of the women's suffrage campaign who lacked a biography.

So she undertook detailed research into the life of Lady Frances Balfour to redress this situation by providing her with a very well researched and very well written biography.

The book is also profusely illustrated with photographs and paintings of Lady Frances Balfour, family members, etc.

This book will appeal to historians, people who are interested in learning about feminist history and also the general public.

It is published in hardback at £19.99 and is, in my opinion, a must purchase book for school, universities, colleges and municipal libraries throughout the land, but especially Scotland where Lady Frances Balfour was born.

The Singing Chair and Other Stories

The Singing Chair and Other Stories is a collection of highly entertaining short stories from Herta Maria Moser.

Herta is 94 and lived through many of the great events of the tumultuous past century.

She has drawn on her life experiences to create a collection of short stories that cover a wide range of topics, many which draw up[on her own life experiences.

The title story tells the tale of a businessman who, though well-to-do, suffers from stress. His discovery of a chair with the magical powers to take him to a peaceful, calming universe. But what happened when someone did him a favour? Would the chair be ruined forever? Only time would tell.

There are stories set in the aftermath of the First World War, stories that are humorous, poignant, sad or filled with energy, passion, love and betrayal.

Each story is imbued with the sharp intelligence, wit and veracity of the author who is also an accomplished artist, which might indicate why the stories have such a vividness about them.

The book is published by Matador at £8.99.

My Rich Prince

In his new debut book, My Rich Prince, Dr Okechukwu Michael Mwim offers some timely and highly valuable advice to young adults.

It is a unique book in that it tackles a wide range of subjects that are of great value to young adults and teenagers.

He offers his readership life advice on these issues that he has identified and also offers timely warnings of what they need to look out for.

He examines some issues and points out what matters and what doesn't matter, and how they can work toward the goals of maximising their personal happiness and their life goals.

His advice will help young people when they should say no or yes, why other people don't have to like you, why money shouldn't be ignored, what love is, how to live a good life, and how to avoid mistaking stubbornness for persistence.

It's not an overly long book, and it is written in a clear and concise style.

It's published by Matador at £10.99 and will be a very welcome tool in the toolkit that every teenager and young adult needs to learn how to negotiate thair way through modern life.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Hector's Wheels

Hector's Wheels is a wonderful book for children and adults of all ages.

It is set in the Eastern England town of Norwich, which is the county town of Norfolk, and it features a very special dog called Hector, who is a truly remarkable little dog, a beagle called Hector.

Hector was born with a problem that meant one of his front legs was disabled. It was almost certain that he was doomed to spend his life living in a dogs' home.

But that was not to be the case, because a very special family came along with a very special American made canine wheelchair.

Readers can follow Hector as he faces life with his family as he learns to operate his wheelchair, and to cope with his disability.

You'll follow Hector and his brother Reggie on their many adventures including some dangerous situations involving railway lines, angry workmen and quick flowing rivers. Sometimes rescued by their human companions.

There are some lovely images and illustrations (by Sophie Fletcher) plus a photograph of Hector in his American canine wheelchair that accompany this wonderful and very uplifting story.

It's published by Matador at £7.99 and if your'e looking for a suitable Christmas present for a dog lover, then this is it!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars

Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars is a fascinating and highly important new work by Mohindra SA Chowdhry.

It is a history of the highly significant contribution of Sikh soldiers during both of the Wrold Wars.

His book contains new, groundbreaking research which explores how an alliance with Britain was able to allow Sikhism to spread globally and for Sikhs to step forward as global partners, points out the author.

He begins his work with the exploration of the Sikh revolt against the Mughal Empire.

He showed how this revolutionary movement was able ot show that Sikhs were against the religion of Islam and how Sikhism stood for the key principles of human rights and liberty and freedom for everyone.

It shows how, after first fighting with the British the two warring sides came to realise that the two cultures had many things in common.

Chowdhry points out in his book that the common ground developed into a strong and abiding loyalty. This book points out that the strong bond that developed became a loyal force that gave the British access to the superb fighting abilities of the Sikhs during the two Word Wars.

Chowdhry argues, cogently, that it is the duty of all Sikhs,inspired as they are, by deep-rooted principles of justice and equality to, no matter where they live in the modern world, to become involved in mainstream politics and social matters.

The book is published by Matador at £19.99.

It is a very important book that should be owned by every Sikh and all those who are interested in Indian history and in the history of the two World Wars.

Keeping Chronicles

With the increasing interest in local and family history, Keeping Chronicles is a very important and highly interesting book.

It explores the importance of keeping and properly preserving written memorabilia.

These may consist of letters, diaries, old school books, journals, legal documents, receipts, cook books, school exercise book, sketchbooks, etc., etc.

Too many times such memorabilia is lost, being thrown away as of no value, which is simply not the case. They are very valuable for what they can tell us about the past.

Author and academic Rosemary Sassoon shows how using materials from family members, friends and colleagues from all over the world to illustrate the many personal and professional uses that written chronicles can be put to as documents of record. 

In her book Rosemary offers practical hints and tips on what should be saved and how they should be preserved for future generations.

She also has advice on what to do if you have documents or records that you think need to be deposited in an official archive, a library or a museum.

The book is very well written and well designed and contains a full range of very relevant and well-designed illustrations.

This book is published by The Book Guild at £9.95 and every family in the country needs a copy and every library, university, school, college and museum required at least ten copies of this highly important work.

The Splendid Memories

The Splendid Memories is a new novel from author Steven Baker.

In the early 1890s, a Russian family emigrates to the fledgling United States of America.

They have a simple aim, to put behind them the old ways of Mother Russia and to make a good, new life in the new world.

But, their plans are smashed to pieces when their parents suddenly die, far too early. The children end up being taken into an orphanage.

However Anatole and Mariska make the best of this terrible situation and they face their future together with hope and animation.

When they grow up and leave the orphanage they decide to launch themselves into the world of vaudeville and tour North and South America, plus Europe.

Eventually Anatole is shanghaied to China and he is forced to work his way back home to the USA, battling his way through China, travelling through Australia and crossing the Pacific.

He joins the US Army and finds himself in both the Mexican War and the Great War, where he serves on the battlefields that scarred Europe.

On his return he becomes a pioneering cinematographer, famed for producing wildlife documentaries.

This is a truly breathtaking book and a wonderful adventure, covering 475 pages.

It is published by The Book Guild at £9.99.

The Back to Basics Diet

The Back to Basics Diet In the 2018 edition of his book, David Hack reveals what he assures his readers is the secret to sustained and healthy weight loss.

Like many people, David Hack had a health scare. However, unlike most other people under these circumstances, David Hack was able to do something about it by writing his book.

Dieting, David realised, was not enough, so he decided to head back to University to learn about the answers to his failing health.

He learnt about biochemistry, human biology, anatomy and evolution. Based on the information that he obtained, he was able to create the Back to Basics diet.

Which is, he declares, an effective programme of weight loss based on modern science and evolution.

He examines and dismisses the advice of some experts which is to eat less and to move more. He feels that although well-intended, is misguided.

His diet calls for plant-based eating and for daily exercise which is gentle, rather than strenuous.

He removes the hype and the confusing rhetoric that surrounds many modern diets and he shows readers how they can start to lose weight and to keep it off, too.

The Seven Weeks programme even contains some Delicious recipes, too.

It's published by Matador at £10.00.

Cafe Britannica

Cafe Britannica is a new collection of short stories from Stephen Cardew.

It's a collection of ten short stories and it comes with subtitle: "Ten Tea With Tea and Cake."

Each of them is carefully crafted to last a quarter of an hour. Enough time, Stephen Cardew figures, for the story and a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake.

The stories all have a common theme, they feature different cafes from all over the UK and even some from further afield.

There's opportunities for nostalgia, learning about justice and judging, spiritual matters and cafes, coffee, tea, cakes and much more, besides.

There's even a story aimed at children, too.

It's published by The Book Guild and costs £7.99.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Podric Moon and the Corsican Tyrant

Podric Moon and the Corsican Tyrant is a novel from highly experienced and esteemed screenwriter and director, Barney Broom.

It tells the story of Podric Moon who is not only a computer game playing champion, he is the inventor of the Ultimate Virtual Reality programme.

He and his group of friends roam through the magnificent realms of today and of yesterday, playing games and enjoying a multiplicity of adventures.

In this, the first of the series of novels about Podric Moon, he and his friends take on the might power of Napoleon, the Corsican Tyrant of the title.

However, it's not all fun and adventure for Podric, because he is dealt a terrible and tragic blow when his father, a Wing Commander in the RAF, is killed in what was classified as a "freak accident."

Podric makes friends, and enemies, and he meets up with Archie Light, one of the top game designers in the world, having been knocked down by a hit and run driver outside Archie's house.

And that's only the beginning of this truly amazing novel that is aimed at young adults. Although older adults will also find much to commend this book.

It's published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

10 Days of Freedom

10 Days of Freedom is a new science fiction novel from Maurice Powell.

It is set in the year 2209, and the population of the world is now a staggering 5 billion.

11 men make an escape form a "Work Zone", previously known as a prison. Although the men were held as prisoners, they had committed no crime and had not had a trial. They were the result of a programme to genetically engineer worker humans, designed to undertake manual work for their supporters.

Over the years the 11 had been able to collect bits and pieces of information about the world outside the "Work Zone" until one day, they managed to escape from the Work Zone, escaping to the countrside just ot the south of Birmingham.

They are being trailed by guards from the Work Zone, senior government officials and a husband and wife team who are leading academics form Oxford University, experts in the field of psychoanalysis.

The fugitives cannot be allowed to remain at large. They must be stopped no matter the cost. Because the British public must never learn the truth about the Work Zones and what happens within them.

Can the 11 outwit the authorities? Can they evade their pursuers and continue to live free and outside the Work Zone?

What would happen if the public found out about the truth of the Work Zones? Because a lot more than the freedom of the 11 rests on this.

It is a though provoking novel which raises many interesting questions on ethics and morality.

It is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.


Pickles' Purrfect Plan

Pickles' Purrfect Plan is a wonderful book from author Carolyn Young.

Pickles is a lovely little kitty who is also very clever.

Pickles lives with Winnie the Witch and Willie the Wizard in a lovely little cottage in the heart of a wood.

However, after a really, really nasty storm their cottage is left in a terrible state of disrepair. Unfortunately Winnie and Willie are without any funds, so they cannot afford ot have the cottage repaired.

They retire to bed, sad. However! Pickles is an extraordinary little cat and he comes up with a very clever plan to ask his animal kingdom friends to come together and help repair the cottage.

The incredibly good story is very well illustrated by pictures from Jo Blakeley and the book is ideal for parents and children, it is aimed at children ages 5 to 7.

It is published by Matador at £6.99

Appearance and Inference

Appearance and Inference is a new philosophical work from Edward Allbless.

He argues that in a world now cast adrift on a sea of 'fake news' where concepts like  'post truth' is now holding sway.

Allbless points out in his work that we must seriously think about what we know, what we think we know and how it is that we acquired such information and knowledge in the first place.

He argues, cogently, that when we analyse truth that such an analyse must be centred on an unbiased perspective.

He also points out that we must be critical of the various shibboleths that we might tend to take to heart.

In his book he aims to identify and "call out" the nonsense that is at the heart of many "knowledge-related platitudes" and false assumptions.

The book is short, under 100 pages, and although it is a scholarly work it is eminently readable for both philosophers, students and the general public.

It is published by Matador at £8.99 and deserves to be in the libraries of every university in the world.

Within the Water

Within the Water is a science fiction fantasy adventure novel from Kelly Fallows.

Captain Benjamin Daniels was once a leading light in the Republic's Naval Service, but that was in his past. Now he is a disgraced former officer, a pirate.

He becomes the leader of a group of fellow exiles. They are at the mercies of not only the Republic but also the Guild, a criminal organisation.

Captain Daniels and his crew must employ their varied skills to work for the Guild, whilst always trying to remain out of the clutches of the ruthless troops of the Republic.

Trapped between these two dangerous factions, he must take his crew on a very dangerous mission that will risk their lives as they battle against all sides as they try to work to save the fractured remnants of society already damaged by the wars that left the world a water-covered ruin.

The stakes are very high, for if they fail, the future of all citizens will be at risk.

This is an exciting and adventurous debut novel and Kelly Fallows is a name to keep an eye open for.

The book is published by Matador and costs £7.99

Sorak Returns

Sorak Returns is a science fiction novel with a difference, for it is also a romantic tale that details the story of Sorak and Nasa, after they escaped from the city of their birth, removing their son, Lenar, with them.

Their life, however, has become increasingly troubled, and they find that they are struggling to survive.

They need to move on to establish a place of refuge for themselves and their son.

However, life in their former city has changed in ways that they could not have conceived, after a series of brutal regimes it has now controlled by two warring fiefdoms.

Their search for a new home for their family is interrupted when they meet up with a group of rebel soldiers. A woman with the group attracts the attention of Lenar.

What they learn from the rebels makes them reevaluate their future plans and they decide to return to the very city that they escaped from all those years ago.

What will happen when they return to the city? Can they help to bring about a peaceful resolution to decades of internal warfare and fighting?

This book is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.