Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Whatever Next?

Whatever Next is a memoir by Tony Porter.

Tony Porter's name will be best known to those who keenly follow the world of fashion, especially British fashion.

Indeed, Tony Porter was one of a select group of people who were at the forefront of organising British Fashion Week 40 years ago.

Tony Porter has lived a life that is rich and varied.

Ill-health dogged his young life, but he did not allow this to hold him back.

He began his foray into the world of work by selling paint for the British chemical giant, ICI.

ICI sent him to represent the firm in Nigeria. He married his fiancée Beatrice and they produced three children.

The Biafran war  commenced eight years later and ICI decided to bring Tony and his family home.

He decided that he needed a change and, as this was during the era of the swinging '60s, he went ot work in sales for the famous Biba fashion house.

As a result he met the stars of the day like Marianne Faithful, Cilla Black, Mia Farrowand Brigitte Bardot.

Eventually Tony departed from Biba and launched his own PR business specialising in the world of fashion in the heart of the West End of London.

It was then that Tony helped launch the group that would launch British (now London) Fashion Week.

Together he and Beatrice grew their PR company so that it prospered and became one of the top agencies in its field.

They bought a yacht (as you do) and then bought Burg Island, which is off the coast of Devon. (As you would like to do, but probably will not!)

They spent a considerable amount of time restoring the wonderful Art Deco hotel on the island, they took the decision to sell the hotel and island on.

And now Tony is concentrating on his new career as a writer.

Whatever next is a well-written, fascinating and compelling book that allows the reader to take a look back into the British fashion is also illustrated throughout with interesting and evocative photographs.

The book, published by Matador, is available through the That's Books and Entertainment online bookshop at £9.99 and is ideal for anyone who wants to know what it was like back then.

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