Sunday, 21 February 2016

Amelie and the Great Outdoors

Amelie and the Great Outdoors is a heart-warming book for children (and their parents and grandparents, too!) which is written by Fiona Barker and illustrated by Rosie Brooks.

It tells the story of Amelie. Who is a delightful little girl. Who really would just prefer to be left indoors, thank you very much!

Well, what's so great about the great outdoors?

Amelie is content, or actually, happy, to stay indoors. She loves it indoors. She loves to play indoors, she loves to be indoors by herself.

She never goes outside. Why would she want to? In fact, to be truthful, she finds the idea of being outdoors more than a little bit threatening.

Well, outdoors has no toys. No computer games and no TV to watch!

She loves her toys, she loves her computer, she loves her TV.

Her parents have struggled for a long time to get Amelie interested in going outside, until, eventually, they have very nearly given up on the idea.

They have tried everything. The park?  No. The beach? No. Enjoying ice cream in the sunshine? Again, the answer is no!

But suddenly it all changes because Amelie meets with a very special friend who eventually tempts Amelie to do the unexpected and the utterly unthinkable. Her very special friend tempts Amelie to venture into the Great Outdoors!

This book is a real winner. It costs £7.99 and can be obtained via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which you will find to the right of this book review.

Incidentally, is it possible that this book might just have a basis in reality? If you buy the book you can find out for certain, when you real the book's dedication!  

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