Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ripples in a Pond

Ripples in a Pond is the début novel by Educational Psychologist and teacher Sheila Shaw.

It tells the story of retired deputy head teacher Sarah Chilton.

She is very proud of her son, Jamie. He is far ahead of his fellow pupils in a number of subjects such as reading and writing and general knowledge.

She is confident that Jamie will sail through school without a care in the world.

But, somehow, during Year Two, it all began to rapidly and catastrophically wrong.

It becomes clear that, although he is of above average intelligence, his social skills are lacking,

He begins to fall behind his peers and begins to show problems with following instructions and he finds it hard to relate to his classmates.

Unfortunately they encourage his erratic and strange behaviour and his teachers merely dismiss  him as being difficult, rude and disruptive.

But Sarah cannot believe this of her son who had, at least initially, shown such promise.

She endeavours to discover what has happened to Jamie and what is causing his erratic behaviour.

Sheila explains: "Children with social communication disorders (or semantic/pragmatic) are very often misunderstood. They all too often end up with an inadequate education, find they have problems and difficulties in their communications and interactions with other people.

"As a result in later life they can find it harder to sustain employment. I believe that raising awareness of this issue within the community is of vital importance. I think that this novel should be on the bookshelf of every teacher and ever doctor."

This book is published on March 28 and is published by Matador at £9.99.

It can be pre-ordered at the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop which you will find to the right hand side of this book review. That's Books and Entertainment concurs with Sheila Shaw, this book does belong on the bookshelves of all teachers and doctors.

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