Sunday, 14 February 2016

Poetry for PSHE

Poetry for PSHE is a book by teacher and author Jay Clarke and if you are a teacher or a homeschooler who deals with children who are being taught at secondary school level, then this book is one that you must have.

And if you are the head of an English Department then you simply have got to buy multiple copes of this book for your department and/or the school library.

PSHE means Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and the book is a collection of poems that are aimed at secondary school aged children.

It is a anthology of a variety of poems that cover a wide range of different subjects such as friendships, bullying, secrets, social media, families, ill health  and the like.

The subjects are covered in such a way that the pupils are, in general terms, enthused and wish to read the next poem.

They introduce the children to a variety of real life situations that they may already be facing (such as bullying) and provides them with potential ways to face up to the situations and to learn coping skills and to help others if required.

The positive impact of this book will remain with the children for years to come. Perhaps for the rest of their lives.

The book is short, but deals with the subjects in a highly effective way and is aimed at the modern curriculum.

At £11.99 this Matador textbook deserves a place on your book shelf and also in the resource library at your school.

It is available for purchase -as single or multiple copies- from the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which you will find at the right hand side of this book review.

You can also purchase all other textbooks through the bookshop, too.

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