Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Dreams of the Black Butterfly

The Dreams of the Black Butterfly is a fantasy novel by Mark James Barrett.

It tells the story of Moises Quispe who has heard rumours and reports that there could well exist a Black Butterfly that resides in the jingles of Peru.

With its wings of velvety black, with a span of two feet across, it lives in the jungle that is under threat of destruction of the chainsaws of the loggers.

Why does Moises want to track down this elusive Black Butterfly?

Is it the reward of a million Nuevo Sol that is offered by the mysterious Mr Dollie?

Or are there other calls upon Moises, that compel him to seek out the Butterfly that might, or might not exist in the dark nights of the jungles of Peru?

But what is the purpose of the Black Butterfly? What terrifying messages does it carry for humanity?

This book is available from Matador at the price of £8.99 and can be bought through the That's Books bookshop, which is to be found on the right side of this review.

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