Sunday, 21 February 2016

"The Dwelling" The poems of Eleanor Zuercher

"The Dwelling" The poems of Eleanor Zuercher is a collection of highly evocative poems that are aimed at assisting those people who are on a spiritual quest or a spiritual journey. No matter what their faith.

The author takes as the source of inspiration poetry in the classical Anglican tradition, plus it combines other influences such as ecclesiastical architecture, texts from the Bible and also the English countryside.

The result is something that is both wonderful and highly inspirational.

It examines the human soul, the existence and the assistance of God. Which might, sometimes, not be what one is expecting but is, however, what one truly needs and what one will benefit from, more.

It brings concepts to mind that might not have previously come to our attention. For example, we look at how prayer can serve as the punctuation of our day, (page 48) or read such thoughtful and quite brilliant poems as Sound II in Winchester Cathedral (page 9) or the somewhat ethereally charged An Affectionate Appreciation of the Churches of the West Buckingham Benefice (page 11) which is both edifying and uplifting.

On the face of it, this poem is An Affectionate Appreciation of the Churches of the West Buckingham Benefice, but when one reads it and studies it, one will appreciate the subtle undertexts that playfully illuminate this poem from within.

Indeed, all of these poems are playfully illuminated from within.

Published by Matador at £7.99 this book of poems would be a boon and a benefit to any bookcase, be it a person who is a believer or otherwise.

It is the opinion of this reviewer that every church and chapel in the land should buy at least four copies of this wonderful book of poems. Perhaps more, as they will make a fine resource for people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment or spiritual comfort.

It is, of course, available through our bookshop, just to the right of this review.

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