Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Skyscar. Début novel by Xander Macdonald.

The Skyscar is the début  novel by Xander Macdonald.

What happens to souls after they leave this mortal realm?

The Skyscar takes us on a journey into the afterlife. 

What happens to the souls who failed in life? Those who are the condemned?

They might become a demon, inhabiting one of a myriad different types of hells.

Where they will be fated to live out a life of misery and torture, with all the demonic overlords and their lower order demons battling for supremacy, whilst all fighting to gain supremacy on The Skyscar, which is the name for the mortal realm, which includes planet Earth, itself. 

Somehow, a pure soul becomes involved. A pure soul which has the ability to grant untold and immense powers to its owner.

Unfortunately this pure soul has suffered the fate of falling  into the clutches of Mullroch, who is an arch-demon.

But all the other demons are desirous to wrest the ownership of the pure soul from Mulltroch, so battle is commenced.

However, there are other beings who seek to restore order and remove the chaos. Angelic beings who range through the afterworlds seeking to impose harmony. One such angelic creature seeks to hide amongst the battling demons, working to save the soul, removing it from the demonic forces that would take it and keep it for their own nefarious purposes. 

But the task is not as easy as one might suppose.

This novel is published next month and, of you are a fan of fantasy novels and the works of authors such as Lovecraft, Tolkien and the like, you will need to purchase this book, available from the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which is to be found to the right hand side of this review.

It is published by Matador in paperback at £8.99.

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