Sunday, 14 February 2016

Last Tango in Buenos Aires Sketches from the Argentine

Last Tango in Buenos Aires Sketches from the Argentine is a highly evocative book by David Marsh.

David March travels into and through Argentina.

He takes his readers into the heart of this massive and highly varied country.

Through his eyes and skilled pen we meet with Indians and also a variety of religious figures from nuns and pilgrims to priests.

We see other people who inhabit the Argentine, teachers, veterans of the ill-fated war of the South Atlantic, coal miners and gold miners, ranchers and a whole host of other people who populate this country.

He also meets with those who are still bearing physical and mental scars from the wicked and horrible "Dirty War" and, astonishing though this night seem, he even meets some people who are still in favour of what happened during that filthy time and who act as apologists for what is arguably a very shameful event in recent Argentinian history.

There are also people who dream of the golden, olden days, when Argentina was one of the richest nations in the world and when Evita Peron kept many Argentinians captivated.

At £9.99 this book by Matador is ideal for people who have either a passion for Argentina or for travelogues in general.

It is available for purchase or order via the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop, which is to the right of this review, along with thousands and thousands of other books, DVDs, etc.

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