Sunday, 21 February 2016

Gnomes an adult 'airy tale

What happens when worlds collide?

When the world of the modern, physical realm and the world of the realm of magic collide?

Well, you'd expect all sorts of mayhem to start happening. And you would be right.

For that is the starting point of the book Gnomes an adult 'airy tale, from author Paul J. Elliot.

James and Alison Allison had a perfectly normal and perfectly happy life together.

Well, that was the case until, well, until the Gnomes turned up.

The Gnomes. Happy go-lucky  little chaps (well, with one notable exception, of course!) who live with a Princess and work down the mine, right?

Wrong. Very wrong. For these Gnomes are not friendly or happy go-lucky little chaps.

These Gnomes take over the home of James and Alison and spread misery and destruction as if they were frightened they might be going on ration any time soon.

There is Cedric, who is a philosophical and compassionate sort of chap, Joshua (who is grumpy by nature, if not by name), there is Archbald who is inventive and quite clever.

Then there is Florence (who flirts. Perhaps a bit too much?) and Ernest who is moody and a bit touched and his wife who is very bored and perhaps also board as she is as thick as one.

But why are the Gnomes really there? What, as every good method actor wants to know, is their motive?

Are they there to just have a good time by stirring things up and generally causing a whole lot of chaos and consuming vast quantities of alcohol?

But what if there is a different, rather more sinister motive for their presence, for their behaviour?

And exactly how much devastation could they bring about?

(EDITOR: Please note this is, as the title states, a tale for adults)

It is available via the That's Books and Entertainment book shop, you'll find it to the right of this review.)

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