Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Pick 'n' Mix

Pick 'n' Mix is an anthology of short stories written by Gabriele Ansbach.

Having read Gabriele's book I can only reveal that I seem to have somehow stepped into a room where I think I should be able to recognise everything I see, but when I try to properly look at any of the apparently familiar objects in the room, they suddenly shape shift into something wondrously otherworldly.

For example, did you know that cats will attend the Cat Scan at your local hospital (they have their letters of referral or should that be refural? sorry) on Caturday?

But there is a whole array of other stories, there's angst, there's heartache, there's horror, something that can be heard yet not seen, a visit to the future that might be dystopian rather than welcoming.

There's something for everyone in this book. It will intrigue you, astound you, amuse you, alarm you and make you understand more about the world around you.

And I will recommend that you buy this book for you, for your mum, your dad and your best friend. They'll thank you for it.

It is published by The Book Guild at £8.99 (£3.99 Kindle) and is available via the That's Books online bookshop, which you will find to the right hand side of this book review.

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