Friday, 25 November 2016

Telling Tails: the Confessions of a Handyman

You may have heard of author E. James Chapman before.  His first book The Train Now Standing at Platform 3 is a pure joy to read. (I have just checked. It is still available and will make a super Christmas present.)

After living in Spain for several years British expat E. James Chapman has gathered a number of what he describes as "hilarious anecdotes" more, actually, than he could possibly hope to count.

In Telling Tales: the Confessions of a Handyman, he uses a mere seven of these hilarious anecdotes.

He points out that the majority of the stories actually happened to him and his family.

We read a compilation of seven stories that all, really, actually, took place in the southern Spanish area called Costa del Sol.

How did all this happen to him? Perhaps, upon quiet reflection, he might have had an easier life if he had not taken the expat career that he did. That of a property manager-cum-butler within the expat community in the costa del Sol!

In the pages of the book we meet a whole array of characters from the barking mad to the bewildered and from the lustful to the loony. But all, the author assures us, fictional! Of course...

We meet Helga, a sort of Viking troll, the mysterious signals used -or not!- by ladies who might be requiring some type of servicing arrangement, involving a certain brand of powder detergent or a brand of coffee much loved in Spain.

Learn what happened when the secret lift urinator was discovered and his utterly bizarre excuse for micturating in the lift of the complex, why a police officer got hit in a highly unfortunate part og his anatomy by a flying TV remote control, how the advent of a secret CCTV system gave one poor resident far, far more than he bargained for. Or even wanted, poor fellow. Three hours worth, apparently.

There are problematic building contractors, Pepe the plumber -who looked, or so we are told, more like a Chippendale, than a plumber- and a whole host of other characters.

You might like to buy this book as a Christmas present. But if you do, buy two copies, one for you, too! It's published by Matador at £8.99 and includes some amusing line drawings, too.

You can purchase (and his first book) it at our very own shop, right here >>>

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