Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Visions of the Righteousness of God

Visions of the Righteousness of God is a new book on theology from Dr Danson Enogiomwan Ubebe.

It starts with the concept of who created god and covers the structure of the human spirit, the soul and the body.

It then takes a renewed look at the Gospel  of grace and offers the reader a fascinating insight into the mystery of what, exactly, the concept of grace is all about,.

It also examines the visible and the invisible world and the fall of Lucifer and of man.

It also covers a wide range of other theological subjects and topics including the Judgement, the Second Coming of Christ, the demise of the world (as we know it) the Garden of Eden and much more besides.

A Theologian told the reviewer: "It is obvious that the author has put an awful lot of work and thought into the studies that underlie this book."

This book will make a fine Christmas present for students of theology or those who want to know things about religious matters.

It is available in paperback at £9.99 and can be bought through the That's Books and Entertainment bookshop at this address:-

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